Identifying the Differences Between Hung Yen and Chinese Longan

Are you wondering how to tell the difference between a Chinese and a Vietnamese label on a piece of fruit? Bach Khoa GREEN has some helpful tips to help you out!


The Benefits of Eating Longan

Công dụng của quả nhãn

About Longan

Longan is a popular fruit known for its sweet taste and wide consumer appeal. Packed with a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, this fruit delivers numerous health benefits to the human body. It is known to offer a rich source of nutrients, aiding in the prevention and treatment of stomach diseases. Additionally, longan contributes to the well-being of the nervous system and promotes effective blood circulation. With its numerous virtues, longan has become a beloved fruit that supports overall health and wellness.

Get Acquainted with the Chinese Brand

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Chinese Longan is grown using advanced techniques that involve the use of chemicals during production and preservation. As a result, our Longan fruits are of larger size, boasting a thinner skin, and leaves that are notably bigger and thicker.

Chinese longan possesses a thick and fleshy pulp, complete with sizable seeds. Its flavor profile, while mildly sweet, lacks the distinctive fragrance typically associated with longan.

Chinese longans are often pale in color due to the use of preservatives. The outer shell is clean and beautiful initially but can quickly darken.

Recognizing the Label of Hung Yen – Vietnam

Hung Yen longan is highly coveted due to its exceptional sweetness and distinct aroma. It is widely recognized as one of the most beloved fruits.

Cách nhận biết nhãn Việt Nam

To identify the Hung Yen longan (also known as cage longan), there are five key characteristics to look out for:

  • Size: Nested labels are typically consistent in size. Each fruit is relatively heavy, weighing approximately 45-50 fruits per kilogram.

  • The bark and leaves:

    The bark of Hung Yen longan is typically dark yellow, smooth, and has a long-lasting freshness. On the other hand, Chinese longan has a thinner shell, larger and thicker leaves. This particular variety often undergoes preservation treatment, which results in faster spoilage. Thai longan is also affected by preservatives, making it prone to softening and easy separation of the skin. Additionally, soaking Thai longan in water immediately causes damage to its texture.

  • Longan pulp and seeds: The pulp of the longan is thick and dry, whereas Chinese longan pulp is thick but watery. Longan has two distinct folds, which is a distinctive feature of Hung Yen longan. The pulp of the longan has wrinkles, dark brown seed balls, and weak adhesion between the seeds, as well as between the seeds and shells.

  • The flesh of Hung Yen longan is firm and dry, while the seeds are small and not juicy. At the base of the fruit, two chestnuts are tightly nestled, making them more distinguishable compared to other varieties of longan.

Hung Yen Longan with Close-fitting Chestnuts The Hung Yen Longan stands out with its unique feature of having two close-fitting chestnuts within the pulp.

  • Taste: Hung Yen longan possesses a dry texture and is known for its characteristic yet subtle aroma. The fruit is both crunchy and fragrant, offering a delightful sensory experience. In contrast, the Chinese longan is sweeter but has a darker and more robust flavor profile.

  • About the season: Hung Yen longan is only available for a limited duration of 1 month, from August 20th to the end of September. Therefore, if you come across advertisements outside of this timeframe, they may be misleading or selling counterfeit products.

Nhãn lồng

4 Tips for Buying Delicious and Safe Longan

Bí quyết chọn mua nhãn tươi, ngon

  • If you are seeking to purchase fresh, safe, and chemical-free longan fruit, it is advised to opt for longan that is cut along with its branches and leaves, ensuring the freshness and firmness of the longan branches. It is important to avoid purchasing longan with fallen branches or ones that possess a glossy appearance, as this may indicate the use of preservatives.

  • When purchasing longan fruit, it is essential to select those with a sweet taste and a characteristic aroma. This will help avoid any confusion and ensure a satisfying purchase. Additionally, it is recommended to wash the fruit thoroughly with diluted salt water after buying to eliminate any harmful substances present on the label. As a result, you can enjoy the longan fruit safely and with peace of mind.

  • If you are interested in purchasing fresh and safe longan fruits, it is highly recommended to purchase them exclusively from reputable fruit stores and supermarket systems. This is due to the assurance that products sold at these establishments have undergone rigorous quality testing, ensuring health safety and a transparent origin.

By considering the tips discussed above, we hope that you will be able to identify and purchase high-quality longan. Best of luck!

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