Korean Discovery: Rare Ginseng Species Initially Thought to be a Wild Plant

Have you heard of the amazing health benefits of ginseng? This beneficial root, which is now sought-after, was once thought of as a weed. Uncover the intriguing history about this nutritious superfood through this story.


Wild ginseng is a type of ginseng that typically grows in deep forests and on cliffs, making it relatively unknown to many people. However, wild ginseng offers numerous health benefits that are worth exploring.

1What is wild ginseng?

Wild ginseng, also known as ginseng vine, ginseng that breaks rocks, or rock ginseng, belongs to the same family as Ngoc Linh ginseng. Unlike other types of ginseng, wild ginseng is a climbing plant with a robust yellow stem.

Instead of growing individually, wild ginseng typically forms clusters of 3-6 plants. Initially, the roots are large when the plant is still young, but they gradually develop into long roots as they mature.

Wild ginseng
Wild ginseng

Wild ginseng primarily grows and thrives in old forests in the northern regions, particularly in areas with special climate conditions and fertile soil such as Lao Cai, Lai Chau, and Yen Bai. As a result, wild ginseng is rare and not found in other areas.

Ginseng does not grow individually but in clusters of 3-6 plants
Ginseng does not grow individually but in clusters of 3-6 plants

The main components of wild ginseng include:

  • Saponin: Helps relieve itching, has anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes overall health.
  • Phenol Glucoside: Aids in improving the immune system, participates in the oxidation process, and helps prevent tumor formation.

2Effects of wild ginseng

The stem and leaves of wild ginseng contain a significant amount of saponins, with plants over 10 years old accumulating even more valuable saponins in their stems. Studies have shown that the saponin content in the stem and leaves is equivalent to 70% of that in the root. Therefore, all parts of wild ginseng are utilized as medicine to improve health. Some of the effects of wild ginseng include:

  • Helping restore a weak body and eliminate toxins, aiding in the prevention of asthma attacks
  • Supporting the aging process and improving memory
  • Helping prevent cancer
  • Nourishing the heart and preventing heart-related diseases
  • Improving male and female sexual health
  • Effectively treating diabetes
  • Reducing pressure, tension, and enhancing the body’s adaptability
  • Strengthening and supporting the recovery of damaged liver cells

Wild ginseng has many good effects on health
Wild ginseng has many good effects on health

3Price of wild ginseng

Despite having similar effects to ginseng, wild ginseng is priced at only about 1/5 of the price of ginseng. You can purchase wild ginseng from herbal stores or reputable suppliers specializing in wild ginseng. Fresh wild ginseng is priced at approximately 250,000 VND/kg, while dried wild ginseng is priced at around 800,000 VND/kg.

Fresh ginseng has a price of about 250,000 VND/kg
Fresh ginseng has a price of about 250,000 VND/kg

This article provides information about the rare and nutritious wild ginseng. It aims to help readers gain a better understanding of this type of ginseng and its effects.

Source: Baomoi

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