Premium Quality Pork: 5-Star Class, Only 2 Ounces per Serving, Equivalent to Ginseng and Bird’s Nest

This meat is very tender, fragrant, and can be cooked into any delicious dish. It even has a beautiful marbling pattern, as appealing as ginseng and bird's nest.


The different parts of the pig are divided into various sections, each with its own unique ratio of lean meat, fat, tenderness, and texture. The price difference is also significant.

There are differing opinions on selecting the best meat part on the pig, depending on personal preferences. Some people prefer the shoulder, as it has a good balance of lean meat, fat, tenderness, and is not dry.


Others prefer the belly. This part also has lean meat and fat, but it is separated into individual meat fibers.

Some people enjoy the pig’s hind leg, even though it may have a lighter color compared to the inner hind leg. However, this part is still tender and lean. It is a suitable choice for skewered meat or making sweet and sour pork.

However, few people know that there is an incredibly delicious part of the pig that is rarely sold, known as “ngọc” or pig’s jowl.

This part is generally not well-known, as it is often sold with the pig’s head and rarely sold separately. Only experienced or knowledgeable pork sellers know about it and often buy it for consumption.

Pig’s jowl has a layer of tender meat alternating with fat, creating an irresistible flavor combination. It is often boiled or steamed to fully enjoy its sweet and fragrant taste.

This meat part is considered a 5-star delicacy, with only about 2 ounces per pig, combining the delicate balance of muscle and fat. This makes it a delicious dish that is hard to resist. When buying, there are some points to note to choose good pork:

The surface of the jowl meat should be dry, not moist. If it feels slightly damp upon touching, it may have been frozen or soaked in water.

The color of the meat should be bright. If it appears dark, it’s best to avoid it.

If there is an unusual odor from the meat, it should be avoided as it is usually a sign of spoiled meat.

What are some delicious dishes with pig’s jowl?

Braised Pig’s Jowl with Quail Eggs

To make this dish, you can follow a similar recipe to braising regular meat. Rinse the meat with salted water, boil and peel the quail eggs. Before braising, marinate the meat with fish sauce, salt, sugar, MSG, purple onions, and chopped chili.

During the braising process, add the colored liquid and then stir-fry the marinated meat with coconut milk to naturally enhance its sweetness. Finally, add the quail eggs. This braised pig’s jowl dish is not as greasy as regular fatty meat and is still tender due to the combination of muscle and meat.


Sautéed Pig’s Jowl with Vegetables

Many people also sauté the pig’s jowl with vegetables, creating a unique and delicious flavor that is compared to the tenderloin of beef. You can stir-fry the pig’s jowl with vegetables such as bell peppers, snow peas, and young corn. The fragrant and sweet taste of fresh vegetables, along with the tender meat fibers, is something that cannot be replicated.

Grilled Pig’s Jowl

While regular meat tends to become dry and tough when grilled, pig’s jowl absorbs the marinade deeply and cooks to a tender state. To save time, you can use pre-packaged barbecue seasoning. You can also grill it with various vegetables to create a small barbecue feast.

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