“Put this in the pan and the oil won’t splatter when frying”

When frying, many people are afraid of oil splattering out, making the kitchen dirty and potentially burning their skin. If you want to prevent oil from splattering, you can try the following tips.


Use a high-sided non-stick pan

A high-sided, non-stick pan is a smart choice for frying. It offers many practical benefits, such as easy flipping of food, preventing burning and sticking during frying, and making the dish more appealing.

You should choose a pan with a high side, at least 5 cm, to limit oil splattering, which can be dangerous.

Using a high-sided non-stick pan prevents oil splattering.

Drain excess water from food

Water and oil do not mix, so if you put food with water into hot oil, it will cause the oil to splatter. Therefore, you should avoid frying vegetables, freshly washed meat or fish, or frozen food with excess water.

The solution is to drain the excess water or use a paper towel to thoroughly dry the food before frying.

Dry the food before frying.

Add a little salt to the oil when frying

This is an extremely simple and easy method. Pour the oil into the pan, wait for it to heat up, then sprinkle a small amount of salt (about 1/4 teaspoon) evenly, and then add the food for frying.

In addition to detoxifying the oil, salt also significantly reduces the amount of oil splattering.

Add ginger before heating the oil

Ginger is a basic spice commonly found in every kitchen. When adding oil to the pan, you can add a few slices of ginger, wait until the pan is hot, then remove the ginger and start frying as usual.

Rub lemon on the bottom of the pan

This is a simple trick to minimize oil splattering. Rub a thin slice of lemon on the bottom of the pan before adding the oil, and it will be very effective.

Preheat the pan before frying

Preheating the pan before adding the oil or fat: Heating the pan thoroughly before adding oil or fat for frying helps prevent food from sticking.

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