Quickly Tenderizing Beef with Soybeans

Looking for a way to satisfy a quick craving for beef that's healthy and delicious? Join us and discover how to cook beef with beans to create an unbeatable dish that's perfect for any family gathering.


Choosing the Right Beef

– When selecting beef, look for meat that has a deep red color, is fresh, has a firm layer of fat, and a light yellow color.

– Opt for meat with small fibers that feels tender and has good elasticity when touched. Avoid meat with large fibers as it can become tough and require longer cooking time.

– For braised dishes, it is recommended to choose beef tendons, beef sirloin, or beef thigh for a sweeter and more delicious taste.

Choose beef

Tips for Quick and Tender Braised Beef

– One simple tip for braising beef is to add 1 tablespoon of vinegar or tamarind to 1kg of beef while cooking. Be mindful of the ratio to avoid altering the dish’s taste.

– Adding a tea bag to the braising pot along with the beef not only tenderizes the meat quickly but also adds a special aroma.

How to cook beef with beans, quick and tender beef

– Another technique is to braise beef with a few pieces of green papaya to enhance tenderness. However, adjust the heat accordingly to avoid overcooking the papaya and compromising the dish’s flavor.

– Use boiling water to simmer the beef as it helps retain the nutrients and enhances the meat’s sweetness.

– When braising beef tendons or beef sirloin, dropping ice cubes into the pot can help tenderize the meat.

How to cook beef with beans, quick and tender beef

Aside from delicious beef stew with beans, there are many other super delicious recipes you can try at home!

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With these tips, you can quickly prepare a delicious beef with beans dish for the whole family to enjoy. Alternatively, if you don’t have much time to braise beef, you can find a suitable product at our store.