Revealing the Amazing West Coast Fish that Can Move on Land

The World Wildlife Organization recently revealed a list of 6 enigmatic creatures - one of them was the mudskipper! As its name suggests, this unique fish has an incredible gift to survive in mud, but it's also able to jump out of the mud and on land. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing animal!


The mudskipper possesses unique characteristics that make it a fascinating fish. It has the ability to breathe both in water and on land, as well as the capability to jump and climb trees. In this article, we will explore more about this intriguing species.

1What is a mudskipper?

The mudskipper, also known as the climbing fish, belongs to the white-belted fish family. It typically inhabits mangrove forests, coastal mudflats, and riverbanks. This species can be found in various regions including Africa, Asia, Australia, Samoa, and Tonga. One specific area where it thrives is in Ca Mau province, Vietnam.

Mudskipper living in mangrove areasMudskipper living in mangrove areas

The mudskipper earns its name due to its ability to live in brackish water, swim underwater, crawl on land, and notably, climb trees and jump between branches. Its front fins serve as hands, enabling it to move and climb with ease.

Mudskipper can climb treesMudskipper can climb trees

The mudskipper breathes through gills and lungs, and its body can store water to facilitate breathing on land. It also has the ability to exchange gases through its skin. With protruding eyes and quick reflexes, mudskippers are agile creatures adept at climbing, jumping, and evading attacks.

Mudskipper's reflexes are very fastMudskipper’s reflexes are very fast

Mudskippers typically hide in caves when the water level is low and venture out to hunt when the water rises. Their eyes are quite sensitive, and they become motionless when a light is shined into their eyes. This behavior is taken advantage of during fishing, where nets are used to catch mudskippers during the day while lights are used at night to make the process easier.

2Mudskipper prices

Mudskippers are a wild fish species and are not cultivated, making them quite rare. Their meat is naturally sweet, and their capture is challenging, resulting in a relatively high price.

Mudskipper prices are quite highMudskipper prices are quite high

Fresh mudskippers typically range from 200,000 to 300,000 VND/kg, while dried mudskippers are priced around 500,000 to 600,000 VND/kg. Dried mudskippers are particularly popular as they can be preserved for a long time and are enjoyed as a beloved snack.

3Delicious mudskipper dishes

Although mudskippers were once less known and consumed, their fragrant and naturally sweet taste has made them a specialty dish in the Western provinces of the country.

Mudskipper in salty chili sauce

This popular snack combines the naturally sweet and aromatic flesh of mudskippers with the savory and spicy flavor of chili sauce, resulting in a rich and delectable taste. It can be enjoyed with rice noodles, herbs, and cucumbers, dipped in fish sauce for a delightful combination.

Mudskipper in salty chili sauceMudskipper in salty chili sauce

Mudskipper in sour soup

This dish, characterized by its delightful fragrance and flavor, is simple to prepare yet captures the hearts of many tourists. The sour soup features the natural sweetness and tenderness of mudskipper meat combined with a blend of sour, salty, sweet, and spicy flavors from various spices.

Mudskipper in sour soupMudskipper in sour soup

Mudskipper in pepper sauce

Mudskipper in pepper sauce is another delectable dish that pairs well with rice. The tender and savory mudskipper meat, combined with the salty and spicy flavor of pepper, creates a satisfying combination when eaten with hot rice and raw vegetables.

Mudskipper in pepper sauceMudskipper in pepper sauce

Mudskipper in lemongrass, chili, and coconut milk sauce

This dish features tender and sweet mudskipper meat cooked in a rich sauce made from lemongrass, chili, and coconut milk. The combination of flavors, including the richness of coconut milk, the aroma of lemongrass, and the spiciness of chili, can be enjoyed with boiled mustard greens, water spinach, or dragon beans, and dipped in the flavorful fish broth.

Mudskipper in lemongrass, chili, and coconut milk sauceMudskipper in lemongrass, chili, and coconut milk sauce

In conclusion, we have discussed the characteristics of mudskippers and highlighted some delicious dishes made from this unique fish. We hope you have enjoyed this culinary exploration.

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