Searching for Flavor: The Alluring Emerald Green Abalone Species

With its vibrant emerald coloring and flavor that has made it a favorite among diners, the abalone has become a prized delicacy for food lovers. Renowned for its unique taste and aesthetic appeal, this treasured seafood has become a sought-after item on menus around the world.


About the Jade Tiger Abalone

The Jade Tiger abalone is a special and highly sought-after abalone species known for its mystical green shell. Its stunning beauty has captured the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to this unique abalone species.

1. What is the Jade Tiger abalone?

An overview of the Jade Tiger abalone

The Jade Tiger abalone is distinguished by its dazzling and enchanting green jade outer shell. It can only thrive in the extremely cold water flowing from the Antarctic to Australia. Unlike its counterpart, the “mermaid Ariel” of the Southern Ocean, the Jade Tiger abalone is renowned for its unique coloration and appearance.

The Jade Tiger abalone requires clean and pure water environments to survive. It takes approximately 3 years for this abalone species to develop an additional weight of 5 – 150g. The nutritional content of the Jade Tiger abalone is particularly high, with approximately 49mg of nutrients and over 100g of meat. These properties contribute to its ability to boost antibody production and enhance the natural immune system.

The Jade Tiger abalone has a fresh and highly nutritious taste

Furthermore, the Jade Tiger abalone offers a fresh and highly nutritious taste. Its meat, resembling pearls, is firm, smooth, tender, and carries a subtle oceanic saltiness. This superior quality meat is often used to enhance the original fresh and impressive taste in various culinary creations.

2. The Price of Jade Tiger Abalone

A couple of years ago, imported Jade Tiger abalone from Australia, whether fresh or frozen, commanded a relatively high price of around 4.2 million Vietnamese dong per kilogram for the 7 – 8 pieces per kilogram size, and up to approximately 7 million Vietnamese dong for the premium 1 – 2 pieces per kilogram size.

However, due to an increase in the supply of imports to Vietnam, the Jade Tiger abalone has become more accessible and its price has dropped significantly. Currently, a store in Da Nang is offering a substantial discount, selling 4 Jade Tiger abalones for around 150,000 Vietnamese dong.

The price of Jade Tiger abalone

According to recent surveys, Jade Tiger abalones are now available at a price range of approximately 1.4 – 2.2 million Vietnamese dong per kilogram for the 10 pieces per kilogram size. Additionally, frozen Jade Tiger abalones packaged attractively as gifts can be purchased for around 800,000 – 1.5 million Vietnamese dong per kilogram.

In conclusion, the Jade Tiger abalone is an extraordinary abalone species known for its stunning green jade shell. We hope this article has provided you with interesting and useful information about this remarkable delicacy!

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