Selecting and Purchasing Catfish: Price and Suppliers

Curious about the nutritional benefits of ngan fish? Looking to buy one for a delicious meal? Keep reading for all the facts, from the cost of ngan fish to tips for selecting a top quality option.


Ngan fish is a highly sought-after fish in the culinary world due to its excellent nutritional value and delicious flavor. However, many people find it challenging to understand its price, where to buy it, and the best way to purchase it. In this article, we aim to provide you with helpful information on how to buy fresh and high-quality ngan fish.

1 What is Ngan Fish?

Ngan fish, scientifically known as Siganus canaliculatus, is a marine fish species commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian Ocean-Pacific Ocean region. This fish has a slightly rounded, elongated body and is smaller compared to other fish species in its family. Ngan fish is typically green or gray in color with black spots on its body.

Ngan fish is an omnivorous fish that feeds on both plants and small animals. It is commonly caught or bred in fish ponds. Known for its high nutritional value, ngan fish is a popular ingredient in various Asian cuisines, including Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, and Filipino dishes. It can be prepared in different ways such as fish cakes, grilling, salting, steaming, or frying.

Moreover, ngan fish also offers medicinal benefits, including liver disease treatment and skin enhancement.

What is Ngan Fish?
What is Ngan Fish?

2 How much does ngan fish cost? Where to buy?

The price of ngan fish can vary depending on the market and selling area. At fresh fish markets nationwide, ngan fish is typically priced between 100,000 and 200,000 Vietnamese dong per kilogram, depending on the season and supply-demand.

If you are looking for fresh and hygienic ngan fish, we are a reliable choice. We assure our customers of providing them with fresh ngan fish directly caught from the sea, clean packaging, and prompt delivery.

You can also find fresh and delicious ngan fish at supermarkets or seafood markets. However, when purchasing from these places, it is crucial to carefully check the origin and quality of the product to ensure food safety. Uncertainty about origin and quality may pose health risks.

How much does ngan fish cost? Where to buy?
How much does ngan fish cost? Where to buy?

3 How to choose and buy ngan fish

To select and purchase fresh and hygienic ngan fish, consider the following:

  • Choose ngan fish with vibrant color, shiny skin, and no black blemishes.
  • Check that the fish’s body is intact and without any cracks or breakages.
  • Gently rub the fish scales. If they come off easily, the fish is no longer fresh.
  • Inspect the smell of the fish. Avoid buying if it has an unpleasant or fishy odor.
  • If buying a whole fish, ask the seller to remove the scales and clean it for you.

How to choose and buy ngan fish
How to choose and buy ngan fish

Ngan fish is a nutritious and valuable seafood. When purchasing ngan fish, ensure you choose fresh and hygienic products. You can find them at our establishment or other reputable seafood stores and markets. Visit us for a professional experience and the best quality products!