Show Off Your Culinary Skills with These 2 Quick Snakehead Fish Deboning Techniques

Are you eager to brush up on your culinary skills? Why not start by finding out two effective methods to debone catfish and impress your friends and family?


Mekong catfish is a delicious ingredient that can be used to create many attractive dishes. However, many people are hesitant about dealing with the bones when enjoying it. Today, we will share 2 quick methods to remove the bones of Mekong catfish so that housewives can confidently showcase their culinary skills.

1. Removing Mekong catfish bones with a knife


  • Mekong catfish

Pro tip: When selecting Mekong catfish, choose live ones with red fins, clear eyes, and a firm texture.

Delicious Mekong catfishDelicious Mekong catfish

Steps to remove Mekong catfish bones with a knife:

Step 1: Cut the fish and remove the flesh

Start by cutting a long incision from the bottom to the tail of the fish using the sharp tip of a knife.

Next, make horizontal incisions in the fish to obtain large pieces of fish meat. Repeat this process on the other side of the fish.

Cut the fish and remove the fleshCut the fish and remove the flesh

Step 2: Cut the vein and check the fish meat

Use the knife to cut off the vein of the fish. Gently touch the two separated fish pieces to shape the fish and check for any remaining bones in the fish meat.

Remove any excess fat from the fish meat using the knife for better taste.

Cut the vein and check the fish meatCut the vein and check the fish meat

Finished product

By following these simple steps, you will have a piece of fish meat that is whole, intact, and bone-free. Now you can proceed to cook delicious dishes!

The bones and meat are separated neatlyThe bones and meat are separated neatly

2. Removing Mekong catfish bones with scissors


  • Mekong catfish
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Seasonings

Ingredients and utensils to prepareIngredients and utensils to prepare

Steps to remove Mekong catfish bones with scissors:

Step 1: Clean the fish

Place the fish in a bowl with a little water and scale it. Add vinegar and salt to the bowl to clean the fish.

Cut off the internal membrane of the fish using scissors to remove the fishy smell.

Clean the fishClean the fish

Step 2: Split the back of the fish and remove the flesh

Use a knife to split the back of the fish and divide it into two parts. Use a spoon to remove the fish meat.

Note: Do not remove the meat with red blood as it may have a strong fishy taste.

Split the back of the fish and remove the fleshSplit the back of the fish and remove the flesh

Step 3: Remove the bones

Use sharp scissors to cut off the central bone from the tail up to the fish gill. Then, use scissors to remove any remaining small bones on the skin.

Remove the bonesRemove the bones

Finished product

After removing the bones, you will be left with fresh and delicious Mekong catfish meat that can be used to create attractive dishes.

The fish is carefully debonedThe fish is carefully deboned

We have provided you with 2 quick methods to remove Mekong catfish bones. Feel free to use these techniques and showcase your culinary skills!

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