Smart from a young age: 4 signs for boys and girls to grow up intelligent, blessed parents

Babies exhibiting these signs from a young age are sure to excel and thrive, bringing immense joy and happiness to their parents.


If your baby exhibits any of these signs from a very young age, it is a very encouraging sign as the baby is intelligent from the womb. These babies will surely succeed and be talented with their parents’ blessings.

Babies with communication and language skills

Newborns start babbling their first words around 12 months old. Starting at 18 months old, children enter the language development stage. If a child shows interest in books or can speak a complete sentence before 14 months old, these are early signs that the child has language abilities. Therefore, if your baby has good communication skills and better language abilities than others, it is a very encouraging sign as the baby is intelligent and will grow up to be talented.

Babies who express many emotions

Intelligent children often express strong emotions. This means that the child will experience both positive and negative emotions and have more mature thinking than children of the same age. Parents can observe how children connect with others to recognize their emotional intelligence. Such children need to be encouraged to express and speak up their thoughts.

Babies with quick reactions

Children spend most of their time observing the environment around them. An intelligent baby will communicate through eye contact with the person holding them or talking to them. The child may turn their head towards someone, react to sound or an action immediately. This shows that the baby is sensitive to changes in the environment. This is a clear sign that your child has developed intelligence compared to other children of the same age.

Babies who achieve development milestones earlier

If your child often achieves milestones earlier than peers of the same age. For example, the baby can sit up without assistance at 5 months old, grasp objects at 6 months old, and walk proficiently at 12 months old. These show that the child achieves developmental milestones earlier than peers. This is one of the signs that the child will be intelligent and sharp.

Babies with high concentration abilities

According to psychologists, most young children are easily distracted. They are easily distracted by sounds or movements happening around them. Therefore, these children can focus on a specific goal for about 10-15 minutes. However, intelligent children can concentrate for a longer period of time even when they are young. For example, children playing puzzle games, colors are usually easy for these children at as young as 10-11 months old. Sometimes, children will stare at books even though they cannot read.

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