Tantalizing Salted Egg Snacks You Can’t Miss!

Are you an egg lover who can't resist the savory flavor of salted eggs? Check out this article to find delicious recipes featuring salted eggs!


1. Salted Egg Fish Skin

In the past year, salted egg fish skin has been highly sought after by young people and praised by food bloggers. It’s no surprise, as the combination of crispy fish skin with salty and fatty flavors makes for a fantastic snack to satisfy your cravings. It’s truly a delicious and light option that is hard to resist!

Salted egg fish skin

2. Salted Egg Biscuits

If you’re a fan of salted eggs, you can’t afford to miss this dish. The chewy salted egg filling is sandwiched between two soft biscuits, creating a perfectly balanced sweet and salty flavor. At first, you may not find it extraordinary, but once you finish it, you’ll be craving for more.

Salted egg biscuits

3. Salted Egg Sponge Cake

The salted egg sponge cake, which is not unfamiliar to young people, has also won the hearts of parents. The soft and fluffy sponge cake, topped with creamy cheese and salted egg, delivers a unique and delicious flavor.

Salted egg sponge cake

4. Salted Egg Custard Bun

Originating from China, the salted egg custard bun is a combination of salted egg, butter, milk, and coconut milk, resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth filling. This snack delights all enthusiasts with its perfect blend of savory and sweet flavors, which ooze out when the bun is bitten in half.

Salted egg custard bun