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Tantalize your taste buds with the traditional Vietnamese dish "ché cá rô d?ng", and discover its unique and remarkable flavor. For all food lovers and culinary explorers out there, don't miss out on the rich history of this amazing dish!


Traditional Raw Caramel Recipe

Indulge in the exquisite blend of natural flavors with our Traditional Raw Caramel recipe. This unique and delectable dessert is not only a simple delicacy, but also holds a prestigious place in the list of 25 royal desserts exclusively savored by kings and queens. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the extraordinary taste of this sweet dish made solely from raw ingredients.

Unraveling the History of Tran’s Special Dish Chè cá rô dừng

Origin of Chè cá rô đông
Origin of Chè cá rô đông

Chè cá rô đồng is a renowned traditional dish associated with the Nguyễn dynasty, chosen by Emperor Nguyễn Ánh as part of the royal cuisine. This has led many to mistakenly believe that the dish originated from Huế; however, according to ancient legends, Gò Công is credited as being the original birthplace of Chè cá rô đồng.

According to ancient legends, Emperor Nguyen Anh sought refuge in various places to protect his life. During this time, he visited Gò Công and received treatment from an old woman who served him a bowl of Chè cá rô d?ng. Deeply moved and grateful for her kindness, he later ordered the Royal Medical Academy to study and enhance the recipe, making it healthier. This recipe was then incorporated into the diverse repertoire of royal dishes.

Uncovering the Secrets Behind Chè cá rô d?ng’s Flavor and Ingredients

Ingredients and flavor of Chè cá rô d?ng

Ingredients and flavor of Chè cá rô d?ng

Introducing a unique twist on traditional sweet desserts, our savory chè dishes are made with carefully selected fresh ingredients that are skillfully prepared to ensure a perfect combination of flavors. We take special care in removing any undesirable aromas, resulting in a delightful and aromatic culinary experience.

For Chè cá rô d?ng, the main ingredients include carefully selected cá rô meat with bones removed, pig head meat, and other ingredients to help remove the fishy smell and adjust the taste such as broth, tuong d?u mèo (fermented bean paste), and tinh bình flour.

Chè cá rô d?ng - one of 25 royal desserts in Hu?
Chè cá rô d?ng – one of 25 royal desserts in Hu?

Chè cá rô not only demands the usage of exceptionally fresh and delightful ingredients, but it also necessitates the chef to possess expert culinary prowess, comprehend various processing techniques, and exhibit mastery in the art of seasoning.

To prepare a delightful serving of Chè cá rô d?ng, the fish meat should possess a chewiness that delights the palate, while the pig head meat is best when delicately diced and cooked to maintain a balanced level of tenderness. This ensures a pleasurable crunch upon consumption. Additionally, the broth should exhibit qualities of sweetness, refreshment, and viscosity. Should any lingering fishy odors persist, the dish is deemed unsuccessful.

Executive chefs responsible for preparing meals for the royal court have disclosed that the key to crafting an exceptional pot of Chè cá rô d?ng is the addition of an essential ingredient, fermented bean paste. However, it is crucial that this paste has undergone a thorough fermentation process lasting for 3-4 months, in order to meet the requisite standards. Additionally, the clay pot utilized for cooking this delectable dessert must undergo meticulous preparation and adhere to a strict set of standards before being utilized.

Chè cá rô đông is not only delicious but also beneficial for healthChè cá rô đông is not only delicious but also beneficial for health

However, the special feature of Chè cá rô d?ng lies not only in its unique ingredients and meticulous processing steps but also in the benefits it brings to the human body.

Mr. Nguyen Phuc Ong Ung Vien, a 4th generation descendant of King Minh Mang, is an expert in food research. He highly recommends the health benefits of Chè cá rô đồng. According to him, this food item has numerous advantages including improved digestion and enhanced blood circulation, particularly for the heart, kidneys, and brain.

The flavor of Chè cá rô d?ng will make you remember it forever after one taste
The flavor of Chè cá rô d?ng will make you remember it forever after one taste

The royal cuisine of Hue and Vietnamese cuisine in general are known for their diversity and intrigue. One exceptional dish that embodies the essence of taste and excellent health benefits is Chè cá rô d?ng. With its delicious and unique flavors, as well as its nutritious value, this dish stands out as representative of the rich culinary traditions of the region.

If you have the chance to visit Huế, make sure to explore the ancient capital and take in the serene beauty of the Huong Giang river. Don’t miss the chance to try the renowned Chè cá rô d?ng from the local vendors, known for its unparalleled flavor in Vietnamese cuisine.

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