Taste the Exotic Dried Fish and Butterfly Worm Ice Creams from South Africa!

Are you ready to explore something extraordinary? South African ice cream options offer an array of unique flavors, including dried fish and caterpillar varieties! Let's delve into these intriguing treats.


Ice cream is a beloved dessert enjoyed by many. It offers a wide range of unique flavors, including matcha and more, which adds variety and appeal to the treat. However, have you ever heard of dried fish ice cream? If not, join us as we explore this intriguing flavor in the article below.

1What are dried fish ice cream and butterfly larvae ice cream?

Tapi Tapi – Authentic African Handcrafted Ice Cream, located in the outskirts of Observatory, Cape Town, is owned by Tapiwa Guzha, a molecular biologist from Zimbabwe. This ice cream shop stands out for its unique and distinctive flavors of ice cream.

Tapi Tapi ice cream shop famous for its unique flavors of ice creamTapi Tapi ice cream shop famous for its unique flavors of ice cream

Dr. Guzha was inspired to open his ice cream shop after watching a cooking program that used dry ice to make ice cream. Fuelled by curiosity and his scientific knowledge, he began experimenting and successfully created unparalleled ice cream flavors. This allowed many people to savor the tastes of their homeland.

Among the shop’s signature flavors are dried fish ice cream and butterfly larvae ice cream. Dr. Guzha incorporates unique African ingredients such as chewy and crispy dried Monape worms and salted Matemba, a famous dried fish from Africa, which imparts a moderate salty flavor.

Famous dried fish ice creamFamous dried fish ice cream

2Other unique ice cream flavors

In addition to dried fish and butterfly larvae ice cream, Tapi Tapi offers a variety of other distinctive flavors such as dried sesame leaves with caramel, dâm b?t, and a combination of cinnamon and star anise, among others. According to Dr. Guzha, these unusual and distinct flavors are inspired by conversations, meals, aromatic sensations, and his personal preferences.

The unique ingredients that create many flavors for the ice cream of the shopThe unique ingredients that create many flavors for the ice cream of the shop

Among these unique flavors, Dr. Guzha’s personal favorite is Mphepho, a well-known herb used in traditional medicine in South Africa. Through his ice cream creations, he hopes to introduce this famous plant to a wider audience.

Dr. Guzha actively engages with customers and is open to incorporating unique ingredients in his ice cream creations. He also hosts free ice cream making classes and volunteers for community-based activities, aiming to make a positive impact in his community.

Other types of ice cream at the shopOther types of ice cream at the shop

This article introduces dried fish ice cream, butterfly larvae ice cream, and other unique ice cream flavors. We hope you found it informative, and remember to follow us for more interesting knowledge!

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