The affordable vegetable that is richer in calcium than milk, prevents anemia, and diabetes.

Water spinach is a popular vegetable that is consumed by almost every household. Despite being a common vegetable, it offers numerous health benefits and can be used to prepare delicious dishes.


Despite being a common vegetable, few people know that water spinach is good for cardiovascular health, prevents diabetes, treats anemia, and boosts the immune system. Eating water spinach helps prevent constipation, fight anemia and diabetes, boost the immune system, and is good for the eyes and liver.

When cooking water spinach, many people stir-fry, boil, or make soup with it. In addition, water spinach has many other delicious cooking methods. You can refer to the following recipes.

Sweet and Sour Water Spinach


– Water spinach

– Sugar

– Vinegar

– Garlic, chili

– Salt


– Filtered water: 200ml

– Vinegar: 150ml

– Sugar: 200g

– Salt: 1/2 teaspoon

Boil the entire marinade and let it cool.


– Pick the large water spinach leaves, leave the stems and tips. Rinse and blanch the water spinach in salted water. Blanch the spinach for about 2 minutes over high heat, then remove and soak in ice water.

– Finely chop garlic, slice chili. When the spinach is cold, squeeze out the excess water and put it in a jar, pour in the marinade, and add chopped garlic and chili, then seal the jar tightly.

– When the spinach turns yellow, put the jar in the refrigerator, it will be ready to use after 1 day. Best consumed within 3 days.

Some delicious dishes made from water spinach

Water Spinach Porridge

If you want to change the taste of your daily meals, water spinach porridge is a suggestion that you should not overlook. Water spinach can be combined with meat or other ingredients to create a delicious and nutritious porridge.

Water spinach is rich in iron, while meat is rich in protein, making this porridge especially good for weaning babies.

Water Spinach Salad

In addition to stir-frying and making soup, water spinach can be combined with other ingredients to create delicious salads. Water spinach mixed with salad will retain its crispness, and when combined with spices, it will make the dish even more appetizing.

You can mix it with chicken, shrimp, duck, etc., and enjoy it with grilled rice paper for a delicious meal.

Water Spinach Soup

Water spinach soup is undoubtedly a familiar dish in Vietnamese family meals. You can combine it with various ingredients to create a high-quality water spinach soup. The delicious and sweet soup from the ingredients together with the tender and delicious water spinach will be perfect for a meal.

Blanched Water Spinach

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