The Cost of Giant Prawns Prohibiting Purchase for Certain Customers

If you've ever craved the exotic taste of giant tiger prawns – also known as grandparent prawns, mother prawns, or queen prawns – you may have had to pay a premium amount. Reaching up to 1.6 million Vietnamese dong per kilogram, these delicacies are not for the faint of money. But if your taste and pocketbook can take it, read on and find out where to buy them!


One type of shrimp that is highly regarded for its nutrition and taste is the giant prawn. These prawns are currently available in the market, weighing 1-2 shrimp per kg, with a price in the millions of VND per kg. However, even customers with money are not guaranteed to be able to purchase them. So, what exactly are giant prawns? How much do they cost? And how can they be prepared? If you’re curious to learn more, join us as we explore these questions!

1. Introduction to Giant Prawns

Giant prawns, also referred to as mother prawns or queen prawns, are wild-caught prawns that increase in price with size. They typically inhabit deep-sea areas and can weigh up to 0.5 kg each, with sizes ranging from 150g to 200g. Due to living in a natural environment for many years, the meat is exceptionally firm and offers a pure sweetness comparable to lobster. Furthermore, the thin shell of these prawns is highly favored by many people.

This type of giant prawn is also known as mother prawnsThis type of giant prawn is also known as mother prawns

Furthermore, unlike other commercial prawns, these giant prawns are completely free of growth hormones. The proportion of giant prawns (ranging from 10-15 shrimp per kg) accounts for only about 10% of the total, which significantly contributes to their higher selling price compared to regular prawns.

Giant prawns are popular with many peopleGiant prawns are popular with many people

2. The Price of Giant Prawns

Currently, the price of giant prawns with a size of 20-40 shrimp per kg ranges from 220,000 to 350,000 VND/kg, depending on the type. Shrimp with a size of 3-5 shrimp per kg is exceedingly rare, and frozen prawns of this size alone can cost from 900,000 to 1.1 million VND/kg. The price of these prawns tends to increase due to their scarcity. As for the giant prawns, those with 1-2 shrimp per kg can be considered “priceless.” These prawns are extremely rare and require filtering through tons of prawns to obtain. If shrimp farmers catch them, they usually keep them for their own consumption and rarely sell them. Therefore, if they reach the consumer market, they would come with a price tag of over 1.6 million VND/kg.

Because of scarcity, the price of giant prawns is quite highBecause of scarcity, the price of giant prawns is quite high

3. How to Prepare Giant Prawns

In addition to the traditional method of boiling, which is commonly practiced, giant prawns can also be fried, grilled, cooked in hotpot, and more. They can be combined with roasted prawns, grilled prawns, and other recipes to create delicious dishes that will excite everyone!

You can also find additional recipes from Bách Hóa XANH to diversify your family meals.

How to process giant prawnsHow to process giant prawns

In summary, the above information provides useful insights into giant prawns and how to prepare them to perfection. We hope you find this information valuable. Make sure to visit our website regularly for more useful articles.