The Skill of Peeling a Whole Pomelo Gaining Popularity on Social Media

The internet has been astounded by the captivating and impressive way to peel a pomelo all in one piece. This article aims to help you perfect this beautiful art form.


The art of peeling a whole pomelo is currently trending on social media. The pomelo, with its beautiful outer skin, contains neatly arranged segments that are visually appealing when peeled. Here, we will explore the step-by-step process of peeling a whole pomelo.

1 Choose the right pomelo

When peeling a whole pomelo, it is important to select a variety with thick, sturdy skin and easy-to-peel segments, such as Chinese pomelos with yellow skin and red flesh. Avoid pomelos with soft skin and segments that stick to the skin, as they can be difficult to peel.

Choose pomelos with thick, sturdy skinChoose pomelos with thick, sturdy skin

2 The peeling process

Step 1: Cut the pomelo skin

Using a small knife with a sharp tip, lightly cut a line around the fruit. Be careful not to cut too deep, as it may damage the flesh of the pomelo.

Gently cut around the pomeloGently cut around the pomelo

Step 2: Peel the pomelo skin

Using the knife, carefully peel the skin inside, taking care not to break it. Alternatively, you can use a spoon with a long handle to gently separate the pomelo flesh from the skin before peeling it with your hands.

Peel the pomelo flesh away from the skinPeel the pomelo flesh away from the skin

Step 3: Separate and peel the pomelo segments

Using a knife, cut into the pomelo segments and separate them. Peel the skin as usual.

Separate and peel the pomelo segmentsSeparate and peel the pomelo segments

Step 4: Arrange the pomelo segments in the skin

Arrange the pomelo segments inside the skin that was separated earlier. Cover the remaining pomelo with the skin to complete the presentation.

Arrange the pomelo segments in the skinArrange the pomelo segments in the skin

3 Final result

The peeled pomelo displays an appealing arrangement of segments. The outer skin remains intact, adding to its visual appeal. Peeling a pomelo in this skillful manner is sure to impress and amaze your family!

Pomelo peeled with beautiful skinPomelo peeled with beautiful skin

Above, we have shared the trending method of peeling a whole pomelo on social media. Thank you for following along, and we wish you success in your pomelo peeling endeavors.