The surprisingly affordable yet incredibly beneficial part of a pig for a healthy, nourishing and joint-boosting dish that’s best served fresh

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On a pig, there is a tail that is considered a nutritious food and a medicine that Traditional Chinese Medicine often uses. However, nowadays pigs are usually tailless, so each pig only has about 2 ounces of tail. The pig’s tail is mainly made up of skin and cartilage, with a small amount of lean meat on the tail. The meat in the pig’s tail is very fragrant and tender compared to other parts of the meat. The fat in the pig’s tail is crispy and not greasy. The skin and cartilage in the pig’s tail are crunchy and contain a large amount of collagen. While the fat content in the pig’s tail is not high like pork, it does not cause rapid weight gain if consumed in appropriate amounts.

Therefore, pig’s tail is considered a medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine and an excellent source of collagen.

In the winter, when the temperature is low and the weather is cold, elderly and young people are prone to dry skin, joint pain, and stiffness. Eating food made from pig’s tail is a good way to support them.

In addition to using medicine to improve the above conditions, consuming foods rich in collagen is also a good way.

Pig’s tail increases collagen supply, not only helping women have beautiful skin and firm breasts, but also helping men enhance their masculinity, lubricate joints for the elderly, and promote bone development in children.

Pig’s tail is good for women and the elderly. Especially, pig’s tail can be processed into many delicious dishes that both men and women, young and old, all love.

When buying, you should go to the market early because the tails run out very quickly. If the meat stall only has one tail and they just shaved and trimmed the fat around it, it is a fresh tail. But if they display a whole basin or basket of tails, and you can see that they have shaved all the “feathers” on them, then those are frozen imported tails.

Braised Pig’s Tail

Braised pig’s tail is an easy-to-make dish that is nutritious, easy to eat, and not greasy, making it good for one’s health.

How to make: Buy the pig’s tail and chop it into bite-sized pieces, soak it in cold water to release any dirt. Then wash it with ginger wine or vinegar to remove any odor.

Braise the pig’s tail with lotus seeds, red apples, longans, black beans, etc. Braise until tender but not mushy, so that the elderly and young people can eat it without it being too soft and losing its taste.

This dish is very suitable for women and the elderly to nourish their bodies. Even children who are slow to grow and have a poor appetite can easily eat this dish.

Boiled Pig’s Tail

Boiled pig’s tail with salt and pepper lime dipping sauce is a simple dish but loved by many. Especially, the pig’s tail is very fragrant and the meat is sweeter than other parts of the pig, while the skin and cartilage are crispy and not greasy when dipped in sour salt and pepper lime sauce, it is delicious.

How to make: Buy the pig’s tail and soak it to release any dirt, then wash it with vinegar or alcohol.

Blanch the pig’s tail once in boiling water and then boil it. When the water boils, reduce the heat so that the water boils gently. Boil the pig’s tail for about 20 minutes until it is cooked. This will make the pig’s skin soft but still crispy, without becoming too soft and mushy. Delicious boiled pig’s tail is not chewy, and the skin remains crispy.

If you want it to be fragrant, add a few slices of ginger and onions, and a little seasoning to make the tail flavorful.

When lifting the pig’s tail out of the pot, immediately put it into ice water to make the pig’s tail white and crispy.

Braised Pig’s Tail with Yam

Braised pig’s tail with yam is also a delicious and easy-to-make dish to keep warm in winter.

Chop the pig’s tail into bite-sized pieces, soak in water, wash thoroughly, then blanch in boiling water. After blanching, braise the pig’s tail until tender but not mushy, then add yam or taro. Season with spices and add spring onions, coriander. Pig’s tail and yam soup can be poured over noodles or eaten with hot rice for a delicious, rich dish with the aroma of yam and the crispy and fatty taste of the pig’s tail.

Especially, this dish can be made as a great dish to combat tiredness during the lunar New Year.

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