The top fish in the “quartet of fish”, delicious and nutritious, remember to buy when you go shopping

In folklore, there is a legend about the four precious fish of the sea: the bird, the autumn, the bud, and the dart - known as the Four Treasures of the Ocean. Among these treasures, the bird fish holds the highest nutritional value.


Vietnam’s waters are home to many species of fish, such as White Fish, Black Fish, Thorny Fish, and Indian Fish. However, the most common and valuable are the White Fish and Black Fish.

In traditional medicine, this type of fish is also known as “xương ngư,” “bình ngư,” and “thoa phiến ngư.” Its scientific name is Stomateoides argenteus Euphrasen.


In Traditional Oriental Medicine, this type of fish has a sweet and salty taste, with a slightly cool nature. It has the ability to nourish the lungs and kidneys, nourish the blood, support digestion, strengthen the body, and promote the elimination of waste.

This fish is often used for cases of poor appetite, weakness, palpitations (heart tremors), headaches, dizziness, insomnia, poor sleep, forgetfulness, pain, fatigue, numbness, and weakness in the neck, waist, and limbs.

Recommended daily dosage: 200 – 250g prepared in various ways such as boiling, steaming, stir-frying, braising, and pan-frying.

One simple yet delicious dish made with this fish is Steamed Fish with Soy Sauce. Here’s how to prepare it:


– White Fish with Yellow Fins

– Soy Sauce

– Ginger, Spring Onions, Garlic, and Cilantro

– Seasonings


How to Choose Fresh Fish without Chemical Injection:

Observe the state: Fresh and delicious fish are still alive. Choose fish that are of appropriate size, the best White Fish weighs about 1.5 – 2kg. If the fish has just stopped swimming, choose a fish with intact skin, without cracks or breaks to ensure flavor and quality.

Feel the firmness: Press the fish with your finger. If the flesh of the fish is elastic, not too soft or too firm, it is fresh White Fish that has just been caught. Conversely, if the flesh feels firm or mushy when pressed, it means the fish has been injected with chemicals and is no longer fresh.

Observe the eyes: Look at the eyes of the fish, if they are still clear and not cloudy, it means the fish is fresh, otherwise, it is not fresh anymore.

Observe the gills: Pay close attention to the gills of the fish. Fresh and delicious fish will have bright red gills. If the gills are dark red or slightly dark, it means the fish has been caught for a long time or soaked in chemicals.


– Clean the White Fish (with Yellow Fins), soak it in a mixture of saltwater and white wine. Rinse it off, make a few cuts on the fish, marinate it with a little salt for 15 minutes.

– Peel and thinly slice the ginger. Cut the spring onions into sections, set aside the green part. Cut the white part of the spring onions into thin strips.

– Remove the seeds from the chili and cut it into thin strips.

– Take a large plate, layer ginger + spring onion ends on the bottom, then place the fish on top. Stuff a little ginger + spring onion sections into the fish’s belly.

– Pour a little cooking wine over the fish, steam for 20 minutes.


Fish Steaming Sauce

– Heat the oil in a pan, sauté a few cloves of minced garlic + ginger + cilantro roots + chopped purple onions. Then remove the solid ingredients, leaving the oil behind for making the fish steaming sauce.

– Add soy sauce + oyster sauce + sugar to the pan, adjust the taste according to your preference, bring to a boil.

– The fish is cooked, pour this sauce over the fish, let it steam for another 5 minutes before turning off the heat.


– After turning off the heat, garnish the fish with spring onion leaves + chili slices, cover the lid for about 2 minutes for the onions to soften, and it’s done.

Wishing you success in preparing this delicious dish!

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