The Ultimate Dessert Destination: Hanoi’s Tran Hung Dao Street Che

Despite the hefty price tag of up to $4 for a cup, this dessert spot on Tran Hung Dao Street is a hot favorite among locals and visitors alike. The allure lies in its delectable offerings, with a focus on sweet and fragrant flavors that keep patrons coming back for more.


Tucked away in a small alley on Tran Hung Dao Street, Hanoi, Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 is a quaint dessert spot that has been attracting customers with its delightful offerings. Despite its pricey menu, with items costing up to 90,000 VND per glass, this humble establishment has become a beloved destination for those seeking a unique and indulgent treat.

1Introducing Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 on Tran Hung Dao Street (Hanoi)

Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 on Tran Hung Dao Street, Hanoi

Restaurant Quality: 3.8/5 (Google Rating)

Address: 72G Ngo 72 Tran Hung Dao, Tran Hung Dao Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi 

Opening Hours: 9:30 AM – 10:00 PM 

Price Range: 48,000 – 103,000 VND

Phone Number: 02439423642 

Website: N/A

Facebook: N/A

Delivery: Available (Shopee Food)

Menu Highlights: Che Thap Cam Cot Dua (Coconut Milk Confectionery)

Pros: Diverse menu, spacious two-story setting

Cons: Pricey, limited seating

Step into this cozy alleyway gem, and you’ll be greeted by the aromatic flavors and whirlwind of activities in the kitchen. The signature confectionery at Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 boasts a perfect balance of sweetness and subtlety, crafted with a diverse range of ingredients such as , , , , , and more.

Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 entices diners with its sweet and enticing desserts.

2What Makes Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 So Special?

A Long-Standing Establishment

Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 has been a beloved dessert destination for almost 50 years.

The current owner, Ms. Le Minh Dung (63 years old), shared that her mother started this confectionery business in 1976. Ms. Dung took over the reins in 1966, carrying on the family legacy. Even back then, a cup of confectionery was priced at 7,000 VND, while a typical bowl of pho cost around 3,500 VND.

The confectionery shop has become a household name for generations, known for its sweet and delicious treats.

For the first five years, the shop struggled to attract customers. However, Ms. Dung’s mother persevered, choosing to stick to her vegetarian convictions rather than switch to meat-based dishes. Her dedication paid off, and by 1980, the confectionery shop began to thrive, with multiple families becoming regular patrons across generations.

Diverse and Unique Toppings

The confectionery shop offers a wide variety of toppings to elevate your dessert experience.

Che Thap Cam Cu 1976 not only delights customers with its refreshing flavors but also impresses with its generous portions and unique toppings. The highlight of their offerings is the variety of large tapioca pearls infused with distinct flavors such as , , sen, dau xanh, , and more.

The tapioca pearls come in a range of flavors, adding a unique twist to the desserts.

In addition to these innovative tapioca pearls, the shop uses only the freshest seasonal fruits like , , and … Ms. Dung assures that they source only the finest quality ingredients for their desserts. One of their most popular toppings is the coconut-coated mango slices, adding a chewy and nutty texture to the treats.

High Prices, Yet Always Buzzing with Customers

Despite the high prices, the confectionery shop remains a popular destination for dessert lovers.

Nearly 50 years have passed since Ms. Dung took over the business, and prices have naturally increased over time. According to the owner, this is because they prioritize quality in both ingredients and portions. Regular customer Anh Lam shared that despite the high prices, he can’t find a comparable dessert anywhere else in Hanoi.

The high prices reflect the exceptional quality of ingredients used in the desserts.

When confronted with criticism about their pricing, Ms. Dung stands firm, explaining that they carefully select only the finest ingredients. For instance, the tapioca pearls are made with imported chocolate from Germany, as Ms. Dung believes that locally available chocolate doesn’t meet her standards.

Despite the premium prices, the shop has seen busy days with sales of up to 1,600 cups of confectionery. In recent years, with customers being more cautious about their spending, they still manage to sell around 700 cups per day. Additionally, the shop tends to fill up quickly after 7:00 PM.

There you have it—a comprehensive introduction to this hidden gem on Tran Hung Dao Street! Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in their exceptional desserts and experience a true taste of Hanoi’s sweet side!

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