The Ultimate Technique for Boiling Chicken Without Water, Making it Crispy, Tender, and Highly Praised by Chefs

With just these 2 ingredients, you can steam chicken without water and have tender, juicy, and flavorful meat that will impress your whole family.


Boiled chicken is a simple dish, easy to prepare, and brings a delicious flavor along with high nutritional value. During the chicken boiling process, the use of water is inevitable. However, there is a unique way to boil chicken that you can take advantage of, without the need for water, still providing tender and flavorful meat with crispy golden skin.

This boiling method is not only convenient but also helps preserve the nutrients in the meat, creating conditions for enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal.


This boiling method for chicken is not only simple but also helps retain most of the nutrients in the meat, without losing them to the boiling water. The ingredients used to boil the chicken will blend well with the meat, making each piece of meat retain its natural aroma, while preserving the sweet and savory taste of the meat.

Prepare a thick pot with a tight lid.

– After cleaning and drying the chicken, marinate the outside with a layer of turmeric powder mixed with a bit of chicken fat to give the skin an attractive yellow color.

– Line the bottom of the pot with onions, lemongrass, ginger, and corn.

– Place the chicken in the pot, add shallot roots, cilantro roots, lime leaves, and peppercorns to enhance the aroma.

– Cover the pot with a lid.

– Turn the heat to the highest level to heat up the pot. When you smell the fragrance of lemongrass, shallots, and ginger, reduce the heat to the lowest setting.


– Occasionally check the pot, the water from the onions and chicken will naturally release steam to avoid burning.

– Every 10 minutes, increase the heat for a few seconds to allow the pot to release steam.

– Finely chop some lime leaves, mix with salt, pepper, and chili. Sprinkle this mixture on the chicken to enhance the presentation of the dish.


– Reduce the heat to the lowest setting and maintain for about 30 minutes, depending on the size of the chicken. If it is a larger chicken, cook for a longer time. You can check by skewering the chicken thigh to ensure it is properly cooked. If worried about burning, you can add water to the pot before boiling in this way.

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