Tips for Choosing the Best Fresh Ripe Pink Watermelon

It's the peak season for delicious strawberries, but many people don't know how to choose the best ones. They are unsure whether to go for local strawberries or imported ones.


Crispy peaches are sold in local markets, with both Vietnamese and Chinese peaches available. Vietnamese peaches are smaller but more fragrant. To differentiate between Vietnamese and Chinese crispy peaches, you can look at the following points:

Distinguishing the peach harvest season

Vietnamese crispy peaches mainly come from Da Lat. The harvest season usually starts from mid-September and lasts until the end of November or early December. During this period, the peach trees gradually shed their leaves, leaving only ripening fruits on the branches. In contrast, Chinese peaches can be harvested at different times throughout the year. Therefore, apart from the late-year period when Da Lat peaches are in season, most other seasons will consist of Chinese peaches.


Observing the skin color

Chinese crispy peaches often have bright orange-red skins, which are shiny and smooth to the touch, making them visually appealing. In contrast, Vietnamese peaches have a yellow-orange color, with some fruits having a lighter shade of orange compared to Chinese peaches. You should also look at the stem of Da Lat peaches, which usually have black spots and a slightly firm flesh near the stem.

Peach shape

Chinese peaches often have large, round or flat shapes, and some may even be slightly square with grooves in the middle, forming peach segments. On the other hand, Vietnamese peaches usually have an oval shape, resembling a chicken egg, without any grooves. Da Lat peaches tend to have uneven sizes.

Examining the stem for chemicals

Based on experience, when peaches are sprayed with chemicals, there are usually white or blurry marks on the surface of their stems.

Taste and aroma

Da Lat crispy peaches are grown and ripened naturally, with a sweet and refreshing taste, without any bitter aftertaste, and a mild, pleasant aroma. In contrast, imported peaches have a sweet taste but lack the same level of aroma. The flesh of imported peaches tends to be slightly dry and lacks natural juiciness like Da Lat peaches.

Storage time

Da Lat peaches are usually kept for 1-2 days, while imported peaches can be stored for up to a week or half a month.


Tips when choosing peaches

In addition to distinguishing the origin of the peaches, when making a purchase, you should also pay attention to the following points to select good fruits:

The redder the color, the better the peaches. The darker color indicates more nutritional content.

Choose firm and heavy peaches to ensure crispness.

Preferably select slightly ripened peaches: Almost-ripe peaches usually have a good taste and no bitterness, as well as a longer shelf life. For unripe fruits, if you don’t know how to properly store them, they may remain unripe or become ripe but have a bitter taste and are not edible. However, if you choose ripe peaches, it is advisable to store them in the refrigerator and consume them promptly to avoid spoilage.


Crunchy peaches, also known as soaked peaches, are delicious fruits of the autumn-winter season, but you should also be careful when eating them as they contain a lot of resin. Eating too many or eating them on an empty stomach can cause constipation. Therefore, avoid eating peaches on an empty stomach and do not consume them together with high-fiber foods such as fresh bamboo shoots or dried bamboo shoots…

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