Top Tips for Removing the Odor of Cooked Meats from the Home

Have you ever struggled with eliminating bad smells from meats like fish, eel, pork, beef, chicken, duck, lamb, or goat when making dishes for a Vietnamese meal? Let's head to the kitchen with Dien May XANH to learn some tips for getting rid of those pesky odors!


Unique trick to treat the smell of meat

When preparing dishes with meat, it is important to ensure that the meat does not lose its inherent flavor or become unappetizing. Incorrect deodorization methods can ruin the taste of the meat. However, there are effective ways to deodorize each type of meat listed below:

1. Boil pork to remove odor

Deodorize pork

To deodorize pork, boil it in water for about 3 minutes before further processing. Rinse the meat with cold water afterwards for better results. Adding a pounded onion to the boiling water or a little white wine to the meat broth can also help eliminate odors effectively.

Skimming the foam when boiling the meat helps to reduce the smell.

2. Use roasted onion instead of garlic to marinate beef

Deodorize beef

Before marinating beef, roast and pound a dried onion. Then, use the onion to marinate the beef instead of using garlic. For large slices of beef, you can boil it in cold water before slicing to reduce the smell.

3. Wine residue for deodorizing goat meat

Deodorize goat meat

There are multiple methods to deodorize goat meat. One method involves adding wine residue (ham) to a pot of hot water and goat meat. Another method uses flavorings like anise, cinnamon, and pepper. Adding peeled radishes or green beans to the pot while cooking can also help eliminate the smell.

4. White wine for deodorizing lamb

Deodorize lamb

After washing the lamb meat, rub crushed ginger mixed with white wine into the meat for 15 minutes. Cook the meat until the outer layer is slightly yellow and then marinate it using seasoning for the desired dish. Adding chopped radish and vinegar while preparing the dish helps to eliminate the smell.

5. Rub crushed ginger on chicken and duck before processing

Deodorize chicken and duck

To prevent chicken and duck dishes from having a bad smell, rub the meat with a little salt or crushed ginger, and possibly white wine, for 5 minutes before boiling. Adding a piece of crushed ginger while boiling further helps to eliminate the smell.

6. Use rice water to remove the fishy smell of fish

Effectively remove the fishy smell of fish

After cleaning the fish, rubbing regular salt or granulated salt on the fish can reduce the fishy smell. Soaking the fish in rice water or salt water for 15 minutes and then rinsing with clean water also helps to remove the fishy smell.

7. Salt water and white wine for deodorizing shrimp

Deodorizes the smell of shrimp effectively

After preparing shrimp, soak it in water mixed with salt and white wine to reduce the fishy smell. This method helps to keep the shrimp crunchy and eliminates the fishy smell when cooked.

8. Lemon juice for eliminating the fishy smell of eel meat

Deodorize eel meat

To eliminate the smell of eel meat, brush it with lemon juice or rice water to remove the slime. Avoid using vinegar as it can diminish the distinctive flavor of eel. Clean the eel by removing the internal organs and rinsing with salt water. Be careful not to let water touch the cooked meat as it can make it fishy.

These are some effective tips for eliminating the smell of meat, ensuring your meals are delicious. If you have any other methods, please share them with us in the comments below!