Uncovering the Rising Trend of Winter Melon Towards the End of 2020

As December approaches, more and more visitors make the trek to Ha Giang in Vietnam to gain access to the highly coveted specialty - pumpkin! But why is this unassuming vegetable so highly prized? Let's explore what makes pumpkin so special in this area!


Black pumpkins are known for their versatility in making delicious dishes. The pumpkin seeds also have a distinct and aromatic flavor. Let’s explore what makes black pumpkins so special and popular among customers during the end of the year.

1What is black pumpkin?

Black pumpkin is a cold-climate fruit that thrives in harsh conditions and can even grow in barren land. It is considered a specialty in Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang provinces, cultivated and cared for by the Meo ethnic group.

Black pumpkins are a specialty in Tuyen Quang, Ha GiangBlack pumpkins are a specialty in Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang

This fruit is characterized by its oval shape, substantial weight, sometimes reaching 4-5kg, and each tree can produce 20-50 fruits. While black pumpkins used to be found in the wild, they have gained popularity as a food item and are now cultivated in larger quantities.

Black pumpkins are loved by many peopleBlack pumpkins are loved by many people

Black pumpkins are often grown for their seeds, which can be harvested around 3-4 months after planting. This type of tree is easy to cultivate and provides a quick harvest, making it an attractive option for farmers in Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang, contributing to their income.

Black pumpkin seeds are more fragrant and oilyBlack pumpkin seeds are more fragrant and oily

Black pumpkins have fibrous, chewy, and sweet flesh that is perfect for cooking. The seeds of black pumpkins start off white and turn black when mature. These seeds are known for their aromatic fragrance and higher oil content compared to regular white pumpkins.

2The price of black pumpkins

Black pumpkin seeds offer numerous health benefits, including memory enhancement and nutritional value. Currently, black pumpkin seeds are available in two forms: raw and roasted. Roasted black pumpkin seeds are priced between 150,000 and 250,000 VND per kilogram.

The price of black pumpkin seeds is quite expensiveThe price of black pumpkin seeds is quite expensive

This concludes our discussion on black pumpkins. Thank you for following along, and stay tuned for more articles on our website!

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