Warning: 6 Everyday Household Items You Should Avoid Placing in or Near the Kitchen

Do you know what common items should be kept away from the kitchen? Learn about the 6 most dangerous items that households usually have, and why they should be kept away from food preparation areas.


The kitchen is a place for cooking and convenience. However, there are certain items that can cause dangerous explosions if placed nearby, which may not be common knowledge. In this article, we will explore these items and their potential risks to raise awareness about kitchen safety.

1Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is an essential ingredient in every kitchen, but it’s important to store it safely. Due to its high flammability, keeping vegetable oil near the kitchen can lead to fires and explosions. To prevent accidents, it is recommended to store vegetable oil in a cabinet or away from the kitchen.



Alcohol is commonly used in cooking, but it should be stored away from the kitchen. The high flammability of alcohol, especially in high concentrations, can lead to fires and explosions. For safety reasons, it is advised to keep alcohol in a location far from the kitchen.



Keeping lighters near the kitchen for convenience while cooking can be extremely dangerous. Lighters can explode when folded or exposed to high temperatures, leading to fire and explosion incidents. To ensure safety, it is recommended not to place lighters near the kitchen or in high-temperature areas.

4Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags
Plastic Bags

Plastic bags or nylon bags should be kept away from the kitchen due to their high flammability. When burned, they can be challenging to extinguish and can cause damage to objects and escalate fires. For safety purposes, it is recommended not to place plastic bags near the kitchen to prevent fires and explosions.



Flour is highly flammable, and its particles can easily catch fire and explode when exposed to flames. Placing flour near the kitchen can increase the risk of fire and explosions. To prevent accidents, it is advisable to avoid storing flour and other powders near the kitchen.


6Mobile phones and electronic devices

Mobile phones and electronic devices
Mobile phones and electronic devices

Using mobile phones or tablets in the kitchen while cooking is dangerous and can damage the devices or cause explosions when exposed to high temperatures. To ensure device safety, it is recommended to avoid placing them near the kitchen when cooking.

Above are important safety concerns regarding items commonly found in every household’s kitchen. We hope this article has provided useful information, and stay tuned for more articles on kitchen safety on our website!

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