Wealthy or not, Parents Who Have These 3 Things Are the Parents a Million Kids Dream Of

In raising successful children, it is not the richness of parents that makes the child successful and the parents adorable.


If you’re a parent, don’t think that just providing your child with enough money to get started will make them grateful, obedient, and successful. Give them these instead:

Parents with integrity are respected by their children

Children who hear others talking badly about their parents’ integrity will be deeply hurt. Moreover, if parents lack integrity and make mistakes with others, it will also have negative consequences for their children. As the old saying goes, “If the father eats salty food, the son will be thirsty.” On the other hand, parents with integrity leave a good name for their children, so their children are more loved wherever they go, and people like them because they respect their parents.

Parents with integrity are loved by their children

Moreover, parents are role models and the first teachers, so if parents have integrity, their children will learn it too. Behind well-behaved and civilized children are well-educated parents, and behind “bad” children are often parents who lack integrity.

Initially, young children imitate their parents’ behavior for safety, and it gradually becomes ingrained in their minds and becomes their character. Moral education by example is an important part of developing a child’s healthy personality. Children with good upbringing are not only good for themselves and their parents but also for future generations. Living with integrity is also a way to reduce enemies and danger when going out into the world.

Parents with vision will have children with a bright future

When it comes to childcare, the word “nurture” is used, meaning to feed, bathe, wash, and clean, meaning to develop the mind and spirit.

Parents with vision can create many different possibilities, allowing their children to see their potential and discover their own worth, which can make them stronger mentally.

Parents with vision have children with a future

The parents’ role model determines the child’s vision and attitude towards the world. Being a parent does not mean losing oneself; parents with great vision will not devote all their energy to their children but will give them space to live and think independently so that their children can have their own future and path.

The purpose of having and raising children cannot be simply understood as being filial to ancestors, making a lot of money, or buying a big house. If parents’ vision is limited to this, their children’s role models will also be limited.

Parents’ upbringing can contribute greatly to their children’s future. Children always face many forks in the road as they grow up. At important crossroads in their lives, parents need to guide their children. This is when the value of parents’ long-term vision is most evident. Farsighted parents will plan for their children’s future based on their current circumstances. Raising happy children does not mean letting them run wild and only having fun in life. Farsighted parents know how to create conditions for their children to have fun while learning and learning the most important things for their future. Farsighted parents will not judge their children simply and rigidly based on their achievements but will cultivate their enthusiasm for learning, discover their strengths, and guide them to continue improving themselves.

Parents with principles have children with discipline

All parents love their children, but don’t spoil them. Parents with principles will have obedient children. If parents have no principles in raising their children, or if they have principles but constantly break them, their children may face many problems in the future.

When children do something wrong, we cannot forgive them or break existing rules because of love but should be “ruthless,” firm, make them aware of it, and patiently guide them to correct their mistakes.

Educating children to have a high sense of discipline is the way to make them strong and mature when they go out into the world. The younger the child, the more rational the parents need to be and the more they need to adhere to principles. In the face of the child’s bad behavior and unreasonable demands, parents must use a firm attitude to make the child understand the boundaries of his or her behavior.

Many parents only need their children to cry and fuss to meet their demands. That is the weakness of the parents. When parents lower their requirements for their children, they will lose their principles, and the children will gradually become spoiled. Besides, when parents set certain rules for their children, they must strictly follow and not violate those rules.

Money is very important, so parents who are busy making money also want a better future for their children. But remember, the three things above are very important for the child’s life, so whether rich or poor, parents still need to keep these three things.

Frequently asked questions

A parent’s integrity plays a crucial role in shaping their child’s future. Children learn from their parents’ behavior, and when parents have integrity, their children are more likely to adopt those values. This moral education by example helps children grow into well-behaved, civilized adults with a healthy personality. Additionally, living with integrity can reduce risks and dangers when children venture out into the world on their own.

Parents play a vital role in nurturing their children’s future by providing vision and guidance. This doesn’t mean sacrificing their own lives for their children, but rather, giving them the space to live and think independently. Parents with vision can create possibilities for their children, helping them discover their potential and worth, thus strengthening them mentally. A parent’s role model also determines the child’s vision and attitude towards the world.

A parent’s vision goes beyond simply providing for their child’s basic needs or material possessions. Farsighted parents plan for their children’s future based on their current circumstances, creating conditions for their children to have fun while also learning valuable lessons for their future. They cultivate their children’s enthusiasm for learning, discover their strengths, and guide them towards continuous self-improvement.

Parents with principles are more likely to have obedient children. When parents consistently adhere to their principles, it helps children develop a sense of discipline and maturity. It’s important for parents to be firm and patient in guiding their children to correct their mistakes, rather than simply forgiving them or breaking rules out of love. This is especially crucial when children are young, as it sets the foundation for their future behavior.
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