What happens if a pregnant woman eats pig liver?

Liver of pork and chicken are favorite foods of many people, but there is still much debate surrounding their effects and potential harm. So, how should expectant mothers balance their consumption?


Pork liver and chicken liver are foods that are not emphasized abroad but many Vietnamese people like, especially chicken liver. There are debates about eating liver. Some people believe that liver is harmful, while others say that it is rich in vitamins and iron. Especially for Vietnamese pregnant women, they are always concerned about what they eat affecting their baby. So should pregnant women eat liver?

Liver is rich in iron and vitamin A

Pork liver or chicken liver contains high levels of vitamins A, B, D, folic acid, iron… So liver is also a nutritious food. However, many people believe that the liver filters toxins so they are afraid that eating liver will be harmful. Moreover, the high level of vitamin A makes many people worry about its effect on the fetus.

In fact, occasionally eating liver is good for pregnant women to supplement iron. Eating a moderate amount per meal does not affect the risk of birth defects. However, pregnant women should also be careful not to eat too much liver at once and not to eat liver continuously. Combination form of vitamin A can be more harmful to the fetus than vitamin A from natural foods. Occasionally, it is fine for pregnant women to eat liver.

Pregnant women can eat liver 1-2 times a week, about 50g each time, not eating a lot at once, but there is no need to completely avoid it. Supplementing iron is also very important during pregnancy. Whether eating liver is beneficial or harmful depends on the amount, frequency, and way of eating. Therefore, pregnant women should not worry too much if they have a craving for liver. Another principle to remember is that no matter how good the food is, moderation is key, as eating too much can be harmful. Conversely, for foods that are both good and harmful, eating a moderate amount will not give too much cause for concern.

Some individuals, such as those with excess vitamin A in their skin, gout, high blood pressure, or heart disease, should also limit their intake. Eating liver occasionally, one or two pieces, is not a cause for excessive concern.

Choosing safe liver

When buying liver, whether it’s pork liver or chicken liver, buyers should pay attention to the fresh pink color, non-discolored or yellow, black spots on the liver… The liver should not be rough, it should be smooth

To reduce the smell and harmful effects of liver, you should soak it in rice water or unsweetened milk for about 1 hour before cooking to let the liver release toxins and blood and reduce the smell.

Liver needs to be cooked well, avoid eating undercooked liver because liver bacteria can survive for a long time and be very harmful…

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