When fathers provide close teaching and care, children receive 3 valuable things more precious than gold, helping their future success.

Many fathers in families are consumed by the pursuit of wealth, thinking that raising children is the responsibility of the mother, and in doing so, they have missed out on a precious gift for their children.


Fathers and mothers have a certain influence on their children. The gender characteristics and the roles of parents in the family will have different impacts on their children. So when children have a father as a companion, they will have certain benefits that sometimes mothers cannot fully encompass.

Fathers help children develop action and exploration, creativity

The gender characteristics of men are usually more active and adventurous than women. So babies with a close father as a companion may help stimulate their creativity and passion for action. For example, when the child says, “Daddy, I want to build a boat, can you help me?” A father who takes action may have disassembled an old bed in the warehouse and dismantled it into several parts. And the father can focus on finding instructional books and buying more supplies to explore with the child.

To some extent, this characteristic in mothers is not as strong. Mothers may be influenced by household chores or may not dare to take the risk of building a boat like that. So if the father can do these things with the child, instead of saying he is busy and has to earn money, it is an incredibly exciting experience in the child’s journey of growing up.

Fathers can help children enjoy more adventures

The characteristics of men are typically stronger and more adventurous, of course not always. So when there is a close father with a sense of responsibility to educate the child, the children will inherit a more adventurous personality. American child psychologist Ross Parke discovered that dads like to play “intense” sports with their children, such as wrestling, running, or mountain climbing, and other adventurous activities. This personality trait is also present in women but usually less so due to hormonal factors. Therefore, when there is a father with this personality trait who is willing to accompany, the child will learn these things better. Accepting risks and cultivating patience and perseverance is good for the child’s future and helps keep them safe.

Higher independence

Moms who love their children sometimes fall into a weak point of spoiling their children too much and often replacing them. Meanwhile, fathers sometimes neglect their children more so that they can become more independent. The way fathers raise their children may be different from mothers. Hence, the children learn to be more independent.

If both the father and mother coordinate in raising their children, it will be much better. Fathers have the strong personality of a man, and mothers have the tenderness of a mother. Therefore, if the father and mother cooperate to raise the children, they will not only be happy, but they will also learn and develop their strengths.

There are also many families where fathers neglect their children. This is a haunting experience for children. When daughters grow up, they are afraid of getting married, and sons imitate the irresponsible nature of their fathers. On the other hand, if the father is good and always conscious in spending the most time to accompany the child, the child will learn to love.

Therefore, fathers should never consider raising children as the sole responsibility of the mother. Spend time and attention on your child and accompany them, especially when they are young. The more young children bond with their parents, the more emotional and happy they will be as they grow up. The connection when they grow up will reduce the bond of love.

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