Why Saying “Having Many Daughters Brings Infinite Blessings, Long Life for Mother and Success for Father”?

Having multiple daughters is truly a blessing for a family. Scientific research shows that fathers with daughters are often happier in life, more successful in their careers, and live longer.


Happiness in Life, Success in Work

Happiness and success in life are considered high for men with daughters, according to a study by Harvard Business School in the United Kingdom. The results of this study are based on conversations with 50 married men with children, of whom 60% were fathers who cared more about their children and all had daughters.

Fathers with daughters often show more control and calmness in handling situations. The presence of daughters often has a positive impact on their mental well-being, helping to control strong outbursts from strict fathers.

Another study from Harvard University on the father-daughter relationship also indicates that having daughters not only brings joy and longevity to fathers but also helps them become better husbands and fathers. The interaction with daughters helps them understand women’s emotions more, cultivate spiritual values, and become more psychological and empathetic.

Many studies also show that in families with two or more daughters, fathers have a higher likelihood of success in both work and life. The closeness of daughters to their fathers is often a great source of encouragement, making fathers an ideal role model for proper behavior towards wives, children, and others. This motivates them to change and strive to be good fathers in their daughters’ eyes. Having daughters also pushes fathers to surpass predefined standards and open their hearts to change, which can increase happiness and success in life.

Living Longer

A study on the role of daughters in family life in Poland has shown that fathers with daughters have a longer life expectancy. This study, published in the American Journal of Human Biology, reveals that men’s life expectancy can increase by about 6 months if they have a daughter.

The survey conducted by Jagiellonian University delved deep into this issue, collecting and analyzing data from 4,310 individuals, including 2,147 mothers and 2,163 fathers. The results showed that having sons did not affect the life expectancy of fathers, but for girls, there was a significant correlation with their father’s life expectancy.

The study also revealed that becoming a father would affect the brain structure of men. Holding a newborn baby, regardless of gender, stimulates an increase in the “cuddle” hormone oxytocin in men. This enhancement becomes stronger and lasts longer if the man is the father of a girl.

According to the study, the more daughters a father has, the higher their life expectancy. Additionally, each newborn daughter can increase their father’s life expectancy by about 74 weeks.

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