Winter Market Offers Fresh and Affordable Leafy Greens at Just $10/kg, but Often Criticized for Being Tasteless, Wrap it in Delicious Meat Rolls

If you're tired of the same old boiled or stir-fried dishes, you can try pairing this vegetable with minced pork to create a delicious and nutritious steamed meat roll.


As a rich source of vitamin C, easy to buy, cheap, and versatile in cooking, you can buy rapeseed for many dishes such as stir-fried rapeseed with beef, rapeseed soup with minced meat… you can also make steamed rapeseed rolls with meat.

1. Ingredients for steamed rapeseed rolls with meat

– Rapeseed: 1 large stalk, weighing about 1.4kg

– Pork: 500 grams

– Ginger, garlic, spring onion

– Seasonings: Salt, cornstarch, soy sauce, cooking oil

2. Cooking steps for steamed rapeseed rolls with meat

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

– After buying, remove the old or diseased and discolored leaves from the rapeseed. Then wash each leaf and select the largest and freshest leaves because they will make it easier for us to roll the meat.

– Peel the garlic, rinse and chop it finely.

– Peel the ginger, rinse it with clean water and chop it finely.

– Remove any damaged or discolored leaves from the spring onion, rinse them and chop them finely.

– Rinse the pork with water, cut it into bite-sized pieces, then mince or grind it.

Step 2: Soften the rapeseed leaves

– Place a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Then, add the selected rapeseed leaves and blanch until they become slightly soft. 

– Take out the rapeseed and put it in a bowl of cold water to cool the ingredients quickly and keep the beautiful green color.

Step 3: Make the meat filling

– Add the minced pork to a clean bowl. Then, add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, ginger, and a pinch of salt.

– Stir the mixture with a fork or spoon, then add the chopped spring onion and stir a little more for the ingredients to absorb the seasonings evenly.

Step 4: Roll the steamed rapeseed rolls with meat

– Lay the blanched rapeseed leaves on a clean surface such as a cutting board or a large plate. 

– Then, add the minced pork filling and roll it from the base until you have a small roll. Repeat the process until you run out of ingredients.

Step 5: Steam the steamed rapeseed rolls with meat

– Arrange the rapeseed rolls on a deep plate and add enough water to the steamer.

– Wait until the water boils, then place the plate of steamed rapeseed rolls in the steamer and steam over high heat for about 8 minutes. The cooking time may vary depending on the size of the rolls.

Step 6: Serve and enjoy

– When the steamed rapeseed rolls are cooked, take them out and arrange them on another clean plate for a beautiful presentation.

– Heat a small pan, add a little cooking oil and sauté until fragrant. Then, pour the fried garlic oil over the steamed rapeseed rolls and enjoy.

Steamed rapeseed rolls with meat have an attractive color and flavor. When eating, you will feel the refreshing taste of rapeseed combined with the savory taste of minced pork. This dish can be served with soy sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce.

3. Notes when making steamed rapeseed rolls with meat

– Choose rapeseed stalks that are light green at the top and gradually become bright white towards the stem. Do not pick stalks that are dark green as they are usually old, not tasty, and not sweet anymore.

– To avoid worsening serious conditions, people with stomach pain, kidney disease, constipation, or digestive tract inflammation should not eat rapeseed.

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