Yen Bai Honey Valued at Up to Half a Million Dong per Liter

Do you know about the incredibly expensive white honey from Yen Bai province in Vietnam? Its milky colour gives it a distinctive look and this precious product can cost up to half a million dong per liter. Explore the intriguing world of this rare honey!


Honey is a nutritious food with numerous health benefits. In Yen Bai, there is a unique type of honey known as blong song white honey. This rare honey is white in color and can cost up to half a million dong per liter. Blong song honey is only found in Yen Bai, specifically in the old forests and mountain tops, in limited quantities, making it highly precious.

Blong song honeyBlong song honey

Blong song honey gets its unique white color because the bees collect nectar from blong song flowers, which are white in color. This honey is known for its irresistible scent, smooth texture, and sweet, refreshing taste. It can be stored for up to 3 years without crystallizing.

White blong song flowersWhite blong song flowers

Blong song honey can only be harvested in August – September according to the lunar calendar each year. It is important to note that this honey is produced by households and not naturally occurring in the forest. During other months, the honey will have a normal yellow color as it is collected from different flowers.

White honey harvested from self-raised bees is cheaperWhite honey harvested from self-raised bees is cheaper

The price of blong song honey during the harvesting season in August – September ranges from 250,000 to 300,000 dong per liter. Natural blong song honey, which is extremely rare and precious, is never priced below 500,000 dong per liter. It’s important to be cautious when purchasing honey and to research the source, buy from reputable places, and understand the correct price for each type of honey to avoid health risks and counterfeit products.

White blong song honey like milkWhite blong song honey like milk

We hope this information provides a better understanding of white Yen Bai honey and assists you in making informed purchasing decisions.