Your friendly neighborhood market ‘assistant’ for weight loss and digestion.

Surely no one is unfamiliar with the pumpkin fruit. With this type of fruit, we can create a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes.


Whether you go to the market or the supermarket, you can easily buy winter melon. This fruit contains a lot of water and is low in fat, but rich in calcium, vitamin C, B1, B2, and minerals such as iron and phosphorus. Winter melon also contains a high amount of vegetable oil, which is good for both skin and hair beauty, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and helps with oxidation. Another benefit of winter melon is that it helps with hydration, reduces fatigue, aids in weight loss, and promotes bowel movement.

Winter melon can be prepared in various ways. Here are some recipes you can try.

Winter melon salad


– Winter melon: 200g

– Carrot: 1

– Peanuts: 80 – 100g

– Seasonings: Vinegar or lime juice, white sugar, pepper, seasoning powder, salt

– Herbs


– Peel the winter melon and use a knife to cut it into small strips.

– Peel and shred the carrot like the winter melon.

– Mix the two ingredients together, add a little salt, squeeze out excess water to reduce the bitter taste. Rinse them with filtered water and squeeze out the water.

– Peel the peanuts and crush them into small pieces.

– Finally, mix vinegar, sugar, and a little seasoning powder together and pour it over the winter melon and carrot mixture. Sprinkle peanuts, pepper, and cilantro on top, and now you can enjoy it.

Stir-fried winter melon with garlic


– Winter melon: 500g

– Garlic

– Green onions

– Shallots

– Seasonings: seasoning powder, fish sauce, pepper


– First, peel the winter melon, remove the seeds, wash it thoroughly, and cut it into pieces about 5cm long. Do not cut it too thin as it may become mushy when stir-fried.

– The second step is to fry the shallots and minced garlic until fragrant, then add the winter melon and stir-fry over high heat. Season with seasonings to taste. Before turning off the heat, add chopped green onions and a little black pepper.

Fried winter melon with eggs


– Winter melon: 200 – 300g

– Eggs: 3-4

– Red bell pepper: 1

– Shallots

– Seasonings: seasoning powder, black pepper


– First, peel the winter melon, then shred or cut it into thin slices. Mix the winter melon with a little salt and squeeze out excess water.

– Soak the red bell pepper in a diluted saltwater solution and cut it into round slices.

– Crack the eggs into a bowl, add a little seasoning powder and black pepper, then beat them evenly.

– Fry the shallots in hot oil until fragrant, then add the winter melon and stir-fry. When the winter melon is firm and cooked, pour in the beaten eggs, cover the pan, and simmer over low heat for about 5 minutes. Then, top with the bell pepper slices and fry until the eggs are fully cooked, and turn off the heat.

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