10 sports you should try in summer days to boost your health

Summer days will be an ideal time to practice sports to improve physical health and mental health. Refer to the article below, we will share with you 10 sports you should try this summer!


1 Swimming

The first summer sport that many people think of is probably swimming. When the weather becomes hot, your body will lose water, so being immersed in the fresh, blue water will feel extremely refreshing.

In addition, when performing swimming will help your body consume calories and have a good effect on the cardiovascular system, the body is regularly exercised, it will have a very good impact on the muscles.

Besides, this sport also helps relieve stress, and relax spirit after hours of work, study, … stress, and fatigue. This subject is classified as a popular summer sport.

Bơi lội

2 Jogging, walking

Next is jogging or walking. This activity is very simple and easy to do, suitable for all subjects and ages. When performed, it will affect the whole body, especially the part from the hips down.

However, you should exercise properly to ensure that your health status is checked, especially to keep your heart rate stable.

More specifically, this subject you can do at home is very convenient for you on days when the weather is not good.

3 Play tennis, badminton

A subject that is also quite popular is tennis (tennis). When playing this sport, your body will be active in every part of the body to help exercise physically and mentally, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

When playing tennis, your body will be in constant motion to help burn calories, your body will be more toned, improve flexibility and enhance health.

Chơi tennis

In addition, there is another subject that is similar to tennis, which is badminton. Playing badminton helps to refine the eyes, hands will work faster and when exercising will promote blood circulation throughout the body.

When observing the flying bridge at high speed, will promote blood circulation in the eyes, improving eye muscle function. During long-term practice, you will see a marked improvement in the eye’s reaction speed.

Cầu lông

4 Play volleyball

Volleyball is quite popular with everyone, is a sport with interesting and attractive gameplay.

When playing volleyball with activities such as running, jumping, jumping, hitting the ball, or blocking the ball, … then blood, oxygen, and other substances will be transported to other organs. Your body will be full of energy and your health will improve.

Besides the above benefits, volleyball also helps tone muscles, your reflexes will also be better.

Bóng chuyền

5 Play football

Football will help you train your body’s endurance and stamina over time. Besides, being out in the yard after studying and working will help you relieve stress, and anxiety,…

In addition, this subject also improves cardiovascular function, increases muscle strength, and makes muscles more toned.

Chơi bóng đá

6 Cycling

Cycling is a sport familiar to everyone. Cycling will help reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease, … Along with that, this subject will also increase leg muscle strength, and the body will become more flexible.

In addition, when cycling, our spirit will feel comfortable, thereby having more positive, happy, and optimistic thoughts.

Đạp xe

7 Play ping pong

You can easily see table tennis in schools, amusement parks, or certain parks. This sport is very good for the health of the player, when playing you will consume a large number of calories, the ability to react quickly and train the sharpness of the eyes and hands.

This subject can be played by 2 or 4 people, standing at 2 ends and causing less injury during play, so when compared to other sports, this is a prominent feature of table tennis.

Along with that, your spirit will feel more comfortable and relaxed when playing. Every morning, you only need to spend about 30 minutes playing table tennis, you will find the whole day full of energy from which you will work more efficiently and productively.

Chơi bóng bàn

8 Climbing

Summer is a great time to climb mountains to improve health and reduce stress. Climbing requires concentration and perseverance because the terrain is very difficult to move, so this subject will forge better reflexes and patience skills.

However, in hot weather, you need to carefully prepare the necessary items and furniture. Otherwise, you may face many difficulties or even unnecessary injuries.

Leo núi

9 Play basketball

Playing basketball brings a lot of benefits to health, especially the height development of the body. When playing basketball you will have to perform jumping and reaching movements often with ball throwing movements.

These movements will help your joints to be stretched to the maximum. Besides, basketball will create a passion for you and improve yourself more.

Bóng rổ

10 Practice martial arts

Practicing martial arts not only helps you protect yourself but also trains your health very well. This sport requires a lot of movement and helps to consume energy effectively.

In addition, the practice of martial arts also enhances endurance when having to practice the movements and techniques given. In order to pass those exercises, you need to have endurance under all circumstances.

Tập võ

Above is an article to share with you about the sports you should try in the summer to improve your health. Hope the above information will be useful for you!