12 effective and safe ways to prevent theft for the family

Theft is one of the problems that make every home wary and has a significant impact on everyone's life. Lighten the burden of theft with 12 effective and safe ways to prevent theft for your family that we have shared below you can refer to!


1 Fortify all the doors

To prevent theft, you should reinforce all doors (main doors, side doors, windows…). If the locks on these doors are solid, however, the openings from the door also create conditions for thieves to break in easily without having to handle the lock.

Gia cố lại cửa

Therefore, to ensure more effective anti-theft, please reinforce all doors to make sure the locks play their full role.

2 Invest in anti-cut locks, universal anti-key locks

You should also invest in anti-cut locks, and universal anti-key locks, weld the door rings tightly, and build many different layers of doors to increase the response time of thieves.

Ổ khóa chống cắt

This will make it harder for thieves to break into your home as the thief has to deal with more layers of doors.

3 Fencing the terrace

The terrace is often the place where many thieves choose to sneak into the houses of many people. The reason is that we often lack vigilance and do not fence this area well, making thieves choose to enter your home this way.

Rào lại sân thượng

Therefore, you need to fence the terrace if you have close contact with trees, electricity poles, or neighboring houses … to avoid the case of burglars climbing over to other houses.

4 Should invest in internal locks

Internal locks (the type of lock that must be inserted by hand to open) are one of the effective solutions to improve the anti-theft ability in your family.

Although inconvenient in daily life, such internal locks make it difficult for crooks and difficult to access to break the lock. You should also note that let the lock be high, or lower than the place where the hand is inserted so that the thief can lock the towel to identify the lock better.

Thêm ổ khóa phía trong

5 Always make the house look like someone is inside

Thefts usually happen when your whole family is away and burglars are usually on guard during the day when your family has not yet returned. So, if your home looks like it’s always occupied, thieves will be more cautious before deciding to break in.

Hẹn giờ cho tivi

To create the feeling of someone in the house, you can set a timer to turn on the TV, radio, or light, so that your home looks like someone is living in it, this will help prevent home burglary effectively.

6 Install lights with motion sensors around the house

You should install lights with motion sensors around your house near windows and doors so that the lights will automatically light up and scare away those loitering around your house with bad intentions.

Lắp đèn cảm biến cho các vị trí cửa

Besides, if possible, you should cover the small camera parts in hard-to-see places of the house. Those places will be a haven for thieves if they intend to choose your home.

7 Always lock windows and doors

Open the main door and window to make the house more airy and cool than the kite we usually do. However, make sure you close these doors tightly after each opening.

Khóa cửa sổ và cửa chính

Thefts often happen when thieves break into homes through windows or doors that are not latched or locked. Remember, even if you have to go out for a while, you must close the window.

8 Install CCTV

Through the observation system, you can see what is happening at the time of the incident to make the right decision.

Bảo vệ tài sản, phòng chống trộm cắp

Owning a home security camera system helps us feel safer thanks to the ability to detect crimes from thieves, jailbreaks, and break-ins, …

Any behavior is recorded by the camera and can be used as evidence, helping us find our property or find criminals. Criminals will not want to operate in an area where there are security cameras recording their crime on the basis of fear of being caught.

9 Install a wireless alarm system

For extra safety, install a wireless alarm system. This system will give you peace of mind by notifying you when someone approaches a window or door.

Lắp hệ thống báo động không dây

Besides, the installation or dismantling of this system is done quite easily. However, this system is quite easy to hack.

10 Use a safe to keep important documents

Important documents should especially be kept in a safe place in your home. To make sure thieves can’t get these pieces of property, you often buy a safe so that you can keep it as safe and secure as possible.

Sử dụng két sắt để giữ tài liệu

11 Let’s get a dog

Dogs in the house not only help to scare away burglars, but also warn your family that a stranger is loitering near your home and intends to enter your home at night when the whole family is not paying attention.

Nuôi chó

If you can’t keep a dog, you can use a barking alarm system. This system can detect movement through glass or thick doors and acts as a threat to thieves like real dogs.

12 Building solidarity among households living close to each other

Neighbors are like close brothers and can help each other when anything happens. Therefore, let’s build solidarity among households that are close to each other to be ready to support if there is an unexpected situation.

Solidarity in households also contributes to building a safe life, trusting each other, and raising awareness about maintaining security and safety in the area.

Above is an article that shows 12 effective and safe ways to prevent theft for the family. Hopefully, with the above knowledge, you will protect the safety of your whole family before the increasingly complicated security situation today!