3 effective ways to remove mouse glue from clothes, floors, and pet hair

Mouse glue sticks to your clothes, floors, and even your pets, which are not easy to remove. However, if this is the case, stay calm and do one of the 3 effective ways to remove mouse glue from clothes, floors, and pet hair below.


1 What is mouse glue? Is it toxic?

Rat glue is a type of glue used to catch mice with a glue containing about 70% industrial oil, and latex (10%), colopan (18%), water (2%). These ingredients, when mixed together, form an extremely strong adhesive that makes it easy for anyone to trap mice.

Keo dính chuột

The composition of the mousetrap glue is non-toxic, so users can use it with peace of mind. However, users need to avoid letting the mouse glue stick to their hands and it is difficult to remove them.

In addition, to ensure safety in the process of using mouse trap glue, users know how to choose a reputable buying address at stores and supermarkets, not at places selling on the street of unknown origin. origin, to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

2 Simple ways to remove mouse glue

1. Glue on clothes

Use the refrigerator to harden the glue stains : 

Place the clothes in a bag and place in the freezer of the refrigerator within an hour. After the glue has hardened, the glue can now be peeled off with your fingers. Starting at the edges of the stain, you should try to remove the glue quickly before it melts and becomes sticky again.

Bỏ quần áo vbị dính keo vào túi và cho vào tủ lạnh

Use vinegar or alcohol to clean mouse glue :

Prepare vinegar or alcohol and a clean cloth. Put vinegar on the cloth and place it over the glue stain for a few minutes. Then gently rub the soft glue off your clothes. The process needs to be repeated until the glue runs out.

Dùng giấm

Then wash the clothes as usual.

2. Glue on the floor

Floors can be easily damaged if you clean the adhesive with strong or sharp objects, using vegetable oil to remove mouse glue from the floor is a safer and more effective method.

Loại bỏ keo dính trên sàn

You need to put cooking oil on a clean cloth and gently rub the glued area of the floor. When the glue has softened, slowly wipe away the glue stain can be completely removed. In addition to cooking oil, gasoline can be used instead, this is a material that also helps to remove mouse glue very effectively.

In addition, users can buy special floor cleaners to remove glue faster. With organic ingredients, the floor cleaner easily removes mouse glue simply from the floor surface.

3. Glue on pet hair

When your pet accidentally gets stuck with mouse glue, don't try to pull the glue off, it will hurt, hurt the skin, even tear the skin causing infection. Absolutely do not use gasoline or chemicals, solvents that will burn the skin or cause poisoning through the pet's skin.

Tẩy keo dính trên lông thú cưng

Instead, prepare scissors, Baby Oil (or cooking oil), warm water, and a cotton towel to remove this nasty glue stain:

– First, use warm water and a towel to wipe the glue several times to remove the adhesive and toxic substances in the glue on your pet's fur area. Dry and check the glue spots. If the glue stick is a lot but not close to the skin, you can use scissors to cut off a part.

– Use Baby Oil solution to rub the pet's hair, use a wet towel or cloth to gently swipe several times to push the glue out. Repeat the action until the glue is removed.

– Use warm water to bathe the pet and dry the hair.

3 Notes when using non-stick mouse glue

When using, avoid the mouse glue stick to your hands, wear gloves when using to ensure more safety. When using a mouse pad, you should also be careful not to get it on your clothes.

After catching the mouse, the mouse can be removed and reused. However, care must be taken as rats can bite your hands or spread disease. Therefore, if it is not safe, we recommend that you dispose of the adhesive sheet with the mouse.

Tránh để cho mèo chạy qua khu vực đặt bẫy keo dính chuột

Note to avoid letting pets (dogs, cats,…) run back and forth in the trap area.

Use gasoline or kerosene to wipe when the glue sticks to the floor, clothes, other items (note safety when using gasoline, oil).

Above is an article on 3 effective ways to remove mouse glue from clothes, floors, and pet hair. Hopefully the article provides useful information for you to handle mouse glue stains safely and simply!