3 signs people have hypoxia. Causes, effective ways to prevent

Hypoxia is a complex medical condition that usually occurs when our body is not supplied with enough oxygen for the cells to function. Please join us with Dien May XANH to see the 3 signs of people suffering from hypoxia - Causes, effective ways to prevent them through the following article!


1 Signs to recognize when the body is lacking oxygen

The lack of oxygen in the body causes the respiratory activity and the oxidation process in the body to be disturbed, the function decline has the following manifestations:

  • The body becomes restless, struggling.
  • Breathing is rapid, shallow, cyanotic, even difficult to breathe.
  • The heart beats faster than normal due to the disorder.
  • Eyes are blurred.
  • Body fatigue, sweating leads to headache, nausea.
  • Consciousness decline causes you to become lethargic, not aware of actions.
  • Blood pressure increases in the early stages and decreases in the later stages.
  • Decreased muscle tone and coordination as well as muscle groups.

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2 Causes of lack of oxygen in the body

Lack of oxygen due to respiration

Respiratory hypoxia is common when you are in a place with thin air such as flying, climbing or living in high mountains, they are manifested as follows:

  • You feel erratic fatigue, headache, impaired memory, slow reflexes, nausea, heart arrhythmia… due to lack of oxygen in the body, increased CO2 at high altitudes, leading to a slightly alkaline state. . If you do not handle it in time, the nervous system can convulse leading to coma and death.
  • Visual and auditory disturbances are also a manifestation of respiratory hypoxia.
  • The altitude of 6000m is the last limit that humans can tolerate low oxygen, if going higher than this, your body will be deprived of oxygen, possibly even death.

Thiếu oxy do hô hấp

Lack of oxygen due to disorders of cellular respiration

Cellular respiration is a redox process carried out by the respiratory enzyme system breaking down into related chains such as H exchange and electron transfer reactions, etc. If one of these chains is messed up disorder, can not be done, the process of cellular respiration in your body can not be done and leads to hypoxia.

Thiếu oxy do rối loạn hô hấp tế bào

Lack of oxygen due to illness

Some diseases related to the heart, lungs, and blood reduce the ability to carry oxygen leading to hypoxia. Some diseases that cause hypoxia can include: blood pressure , heart failure , shock, a lot of blood loss, atelectasis , pneumonia , hemangioma , atrial septal defect , ventricular septal defect, anemia causing decreased blood flow. Red blood cell count and hemoglobin count affect oxygen transport.

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3 ways to prevent lack of oxygen for the body

  • For hypoxia due to respiration: You should limit going to high places because when going up high the amount of oxygen will not be enough to supply your respiratory process.
  • For lack of oxygen due to disorders of cellular respiration: You should add foods that are full of protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, minerals to avoid being poisoned by the chemicals mentioned above. At the same time, when you add enough substances to your body, you can also completely treat infections and poisoning.
  • For lack of oxygen due to pathology: To overcome this situation, you should not blow up your motorbike in your place of residence or work or put a coal stove in the bedroom, burn the stove in a closed room because these places often have little air. gas!

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The above article has provided you with information about 3 signs of people suffering from hypoxia – Causes, effective ways to prevent them, Dien May XANH hopes to help you in the treatment of diseases related to the respiratory tract. steam. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below!