4 easy ways to make your hair dry quickly without using a dryer

If you are having trouble with uncomfortable wet hair after bathing, then try the following tips to make your hair dry naturally without using a hair dryer below!


1 Notes when taking a bath

Use conditioner when washing your hair

The conditioner contains a certain amount of silicone , so when using conditioner, the hair will be covered with a thin layer of silicone to minimize the amount of water stagnation and the hair to dry faster.

Dùng dầu xả khi gội đầu

Use nutrients for hair ends

The less nourished the hair, the longer it takes to dry. So, after shampooing and rinsing, apply some conditioner to your hair to soften it and help it dry faster. The essences in the conditioner will coat each hair, making it impossible for water to penetrate .

Dùng dưỡng chất cho đuôi tóc

Wash your hair

When you're done washing, you should lower your head, gently lift the roots of your hair with your hands, and shake your hair . This will help the water remaining on the hair to flow down, causing the hairs to separate and then the air will flow between the hairs to help dry faster.

Giũ tóc

Use super absorbent towels

Squeeze your hair with super absorbent microfiber towels. You can then use a towel to wrap your hair and leave it on your head for the towel to absorb water or gently wipe and let your hair dry naturally.

Sử dụng khăn tắm siêu thấm nước

2 Some other ways to make hair dry quickly

Dry your hair with a multi-purpose tissue

Before going into the process of drying your hair with a dryer, you need to use a multi-purpose paper towel to dry damp areas such as the hairline, the back of the neck, the ears and the ends of the hair. Paper towels will help absorb excess moisture in the hair effectively without causing damage like with cloth towels.

Lau khô tóc với khăn giấy đa năng

Dry the roots first

The roots of the hair are the place to store the most water , if you don't dry the roots first, your hair will be dry for a long time.

Use a soft and tough paper towel for a long time or use a towel to dry the roots of your hair and remember to wipe gently, if you rub too hard, it will make your hair very dry.

Hong khô chân tóc trước

Red hair in front of a cool fan

With cool fans you can regulate the temperature as you like, just use your hands to gently remove your hair and let them dry naturally, when using a cool fan to dry your hair, you are completely assured because they will not damage your hair.

Hong tóc trước quạt mát

Use a drying product

For busy girls, using support products is probably the fastest way to dry hair. Normally, drying products will have polymers that create heat when sprayed on the hair, which helps the water on the hair to evaporate automatically, thereby drying faster.

Sử dụng sản phẩm làm khô

However, you can consider using reputable, high-quality hair dryers with technologies for deep moisturizing and effective scalp care to save time.

Above is information on how to make hair dry quickly and easily without using a dryer that Dien May Xanh shares with you. If you have any questions, please leave your information below the article.