4 Nutrient-Rich, Naturally Caught Fish You Must Buy at the Market

Fish is a nutritious food that is beneficial for health. Homemakers often prefer to buy naturally caught fish rather than those raised with industrial feed.


Fish is a nutritious food that provides a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is low in calories and cholesterol, making it beneficial for the body to eliminate bad cholesterol.

When buying fish, many people are concerned about fish that are raised on industrial feed. They believe that these fish are neither firm nor tasty and lack the nutritional value of wild-caught fish.

If you prefer to eat wild-caught fish, you can prioritize the following types of fish.

4 types of fish to buy


Grouper live in deep-sea waters. This type of fish is rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Grouper is cheaper than other types of fish such as salmon and tuna, so it is usually only caught in the wild without being farmed.

Grouper is a popular dish in countries like Korea, Japan, and China. It can be eaten raw or grilled.

Grouper is low in fat and contains a balanced amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for health.

Snakehead fish

Snakehead fish is usually caught in the wild. They live in both rivers and seas. This type of fish is high in nutrients and can provide essential vitamins and minerals for the body, such as calcium, iron, and zinc. Snakehead fish is a good source of protein, which helps to enhance health and immune function.

Sea bass

Sea bass feed on small fish, jellyfish, and seaweed. Its flesh is fatty, sweet, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It also contains various trace elements, especially selenium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. These are essential substances for the human body, especially for children.


Swordfish has a high protein content, equivalent to that of beef and lamb. It also contains various fatty acids, especially DHA and other unsaturated fatty acids. This type of food is very good for health, especially for the development of the brain in children.

3 types of fish not to buy

Freezer-burned fish

For frozen fish, when buying, you need to observe carefully. If you see the fish meat is pale, hard as ice, it is best to avoid it as it indicates that the fish has been frozen for a long time, the meat is spoiled, and it is no longer fresh and tasty. Long storage time also reduces the nutritional value of the fish.

Fish with unpleasant odor

Fish naturally have a fishy odor, but it should not be too strong or have an unusual smell. If you find that the fish has an excessively fishy or pungent smell that is intolerable, it indicates that the fish is no longer fresh.

In addition, if the fish has a petroleum-like smell, it is also not recommended to buy. This may indicate that the fish has been raised in a polluted water environment, which is harmful to the health of consumers.

If you find that the fish has a disinfectant odor, you should also avoid buying it. The seller may use formaldehyde to soak the fish, which helps to keep the fish fresh for a longer time. This substance has the ability to disinfect and enhance the color of the fish meat, but it is extremely toxic to human health.

Fish with peeling scales

Fresh fish will have firmly attached scales, a bright color, and a shiny appearance. Fish that are diseased or weak will have loosely attached scales that easily come off.

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