4 simple and most effective ways to regain lost breast milk, mothers should try

The loss of milk in the mother makes the mother's health weaker and the nutritional source of the baby is greatly affected. So how to get back lost breast milk? Follow the article below with Dien May XANH to learn 4 simple and effective ways to regain lost breast milk!


1 Distinguishing milk loss and blocked milk ducts in mothers

The condition of losing milk and turning off milk ducts both have in common that breast milk cannot be secreted for breastfeeding. The way to distinguish these two conditions is as follows:

  • Loss of milk: It is a phenomenon in which the milk glands stop producing and cannot secrete milk. In this condition, the mother finds that the breasts are normal, there is no milk secretion, no pain or discomfort.
  • Blocked milk ducts: This is a phenomenon in which the milk glands are still produced by the mammary glands but cannot secrete milk. In this condition, you may find your breasts tight, painful and sometimes you may have a fever.

2 Causes of loss of breast milk

Loss of breast milk can be caused by many reasons, namely:

  • Lack of hormones Prolactin and Oxytocin: These are two hormones that affect the ability of the mammary glands to produce milk. So, if your body does not produce enough of this hormone, the production and secretion of milk will become ineffective.
  • Psychological factors: The process of pregnancy and childbirth is an arduous process, the mother has to go through a lot of difficulties and pain, so many mothers will be psychologically affected. When the mother's psychology is affected, worried, the phenomenon of milk loss will occur.
  • Daily nutrition: If the mother's daily diet does not add enough vitamins and minerals from vegetables, tubers, fruits, meat, eggs, the mother will be deficient in nutrients to nourish the body, thereby not produce the amount of milk needed to feed the baby.
  • Due to the mother's condition: The mother's body falls into a state of fatigue and exhaustion due to having to give birth and taking care of the baby, which is also one of the causes of hormone deficiency in the mother's body. lost milk.

Besides the above reasons, you also need to pay attention to how to breastfeed as well as the medications you are taking to see if they have any side effects because that is also the cause of milk loss.

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3 Ways to get back lost breast milk

Change your diet

Please add nutrients from starch, fat, fiber, vitamins to minerals from fruits so that the nutrition source is supplied to the body fully, from which the mother's body will produce enough energy. quantity for milk production.

You can refer to dishes such as: Beef hotpot soup, papaya stewed pork leg, carp porridge, oranges, salmon, … to benefit milk. Besides, some types of drinking water you can add such as black sesame juice, clove water, brown rice water,… With a reasonable, scientific diet, adding enough nutrients to promote breast milk, the mother will easily get back milk efficiently.

In case you want to use milk supplements, consult your doctor before use!

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Good mood

Milk secretion is influenced by the mother's consciousness and feelings, so when the mother is in a good mood, the milk supply will also flow more. On the contrary, if the mother is worried or sad, the milk will be blocked or lost. Therefore, mothers should keep a comfortable mood , the milk will come in plenty and quality.

If the mother is always in a state of stress and thinking about having to produce enough milk to breastfeed, the loss will be even more serious. So, mom, please keep the mood comfortable, always happy so that the milk comes in more and better quality!

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Breastfeeding often

Frequent feeding is the most important factor in stimulating the return of milk. When the baby latches on to the breast even when not hungry or the breast is not milky, it helps stimulate the breasts, for a faster milk production rate. Therefore, mothers should breastfeed often and properly to call for more milk.

In case the mother's breast has lost milk or very little milk, the baby is easily bored when breastfeeding. You should let your baby get hungry a little before giving breast milk, so the baby will be more willing to breastfeed. In addition, when the baby is nursing but the mother's breasts feel pain, it immediately means that the breast milk is breastfeeding in the wrong position, you should adjust the correct position to make the milk easier to come back.

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Use a breast pump to increase milk

To speed up the process of bringing in milk, you should use it to stimulate milk. Let's see the steps to use a breast pump to increase milk through the following steps:

Step 1: Mom turns on the breast pump and selects the massage mode for about 2 minutes.

Step 2: You switch the machine to suction mode.

In case the milk does not come, continuously repeat step 1 and step 2 a few times until the milk is back.

Step 3: If you use it, smoke each side for 15-20 minutes . If you use it, you can save half the time.

Step 4: After pumping, the mother uses a towel to dry the nipple to prevent milk from being deposited.

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Above is an article on 4 simple and most effective ways to regain lost breast milk, hopefully it can help you. If you still have any questions, please leave a comment below to be answered!