4 types of vegetables, 2 types of food susceptible to formaldehyde soaking

These types of food may be soaked in formaldehyde to preserve their freshness. However, they are extremely harmful to health.


Formaldehyde is a banned toxic substance in food. It has been classified by the World Health Organization as a group of substances that can cause cancer. Consuming foods containing this substance for a long time can have serious health consequences. It not only causes acute poisoning but also increases the risk of throat cancer and leukemia.

For the sake of profit, some traders use formaldehyde to preserve food and prevent decay.

There are 6 types of food that are very susceptible to being soaked in formaldehyde. When shopping, you need to be careful in your selection.

Garlic scapes

Garlic scapes usually only appear at the end of spring or early summer. However, you may also find this vegetable out of season. Off-season vegetables will be much more expensive than in-season ones.

Garlic scapes are difficult to store for a long time if left in the refrigerator. Therefore, some sellers may spray a formaldehyde solution on garlic scapes to keep them fresh and prolong their shelf life.

In general, for all types of vegetables, you should use them in-season to ensure freshness and avoid buying those that contain stimulants or preservatives.

Water spinach

Water spinach is a vegetable that many people love. However, it is also one of the vegetables that is easily soaked in formaldehyde. The reason is that water spinach is crispy and wilts easily, so spraying formaldehyde helps preserve the vegetable for a longer time and maintain its fresh and appealing appearance.

Rootless bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are very good for your health. Different types of bean sprouts are easy to make, just soak the beans until they sprout. During this process, they only need to be watered regularly and do not require any additives.

However, to make the bean sprouts grow quickly, have a plump shape, and not easily spoil, sellers may spray stimulants and formaldehyde on the bean sprouts. It is best not to use bean sprouts that have an abnormal plump shape and no roots.

Straw mushrooms are a popular food that can be used to prepare many delicious dishes such as hot pot and beef rolls with mushrooms. Straw mushrooms have a relatively low carbohydrate content and are rich in fiber, which helps provide a feeling of fullness and reduces cravings, making them suitable for people on a diet or trying to lose weight.

The straw mushroom plant itself is not toxic. However, it is susceptible to spoilage during storage. Therefore, some businesses may use formaldehyde to treat straw mushrooms to make them smoother, fresher, and last longer.

Sweet potato vermicelli

Regular vermicelli is cloudy and not smooth. The noodles are quite crispy and can be easily broken by hand. On the other hand, vermicelli that is mixed with formaldehyde generally appears transparent, beautiful, and shiny.

Marinated chicken feet

Marinated chicken feet are favored by many people. They can be used as a snack or enjoyed with a little beer or wine.

For this dish, you need to pay extreme attention to the origin. To ensure the freshness of the chicken feet, they may be soaked in formaldehyde to maintain their freshness, crispness, and extended shelf life.

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