5 devices to help you kill mosquitoes quickly at home without worrying about chemicals

In the rainy season, mosquitoes are always an obsession for many people, especially families with young children. Are you fed up with traditional ways of killing mosquitoes that are both ineffective and harmful to users with chemicals? GREEN ELECTRICAL would like to suggest you the necessary items for families to kill mosquitoes quickly without creating harmful chemicals!


1 Use a mosquito racket

These days they are very popular in families because of their popularity and convenience. Just turn on the racket to move to areas with mosquitoes, when mosquitoes come into contact with the surface of the electric racket, they will immediately die .

It only takes a few minutes you can kill mosquitoes quickly, the price is reasonable. This is the reason for you to own a mosquito racket right away to protect a comfortable living space for your family! Dùng vợt muỗi

2 Mosquito killer lamps

With the ability to attract mosquitoes with purple light , it is possible to easily kill mosquitoes with the electric grid wrapped around the lamp without causing unpleasant odors, providing safety for users' health.

Đèn diệt muỗi

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3 Air purifier with mosquito killing function

If your family has pregnant women, young children or you are in areas near rivers, you should buy these.

These types of air purifiers catch mosquitoes according to a modern mechanism , without using chemicals , with high mosquito catching efficiency, helping to protect family health, helping to prevent dangerous mosquito-borne diseases such as fever. dengue, yellow fever, malaria, typhus, Zika virus… máy lọc không khí chức năng diệt muỗi

4 Air conditioners with antibacterial function

With the function of antibacterial, deodorizing with Ag crystals, green tea filter, activated carbon, … these help prevent viruses from breeding and harmful insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and other harmful insects to your family. , …, bring fresh, cool air to your family. máy lạnh chức năng kháng khuẩn

5 Essential oil diffusers to repel mosquitoes

Currently on the market there are many types of essential oil diffusers such as essential oil diffusers, essential oil lamps. You can use essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, mint, etc. to help purify the air, repel mosquitoes and many other insects. máy xông tinh dầu đuổi muỗi

Hopefully with the above 5 household appliances you can repel mosquitoes effectively and safely. In addition, you should keep your house clean, cool, should not let water stagnate in the house to prevent rolling. If you have any other tips to effectively repel mosquitoes, please share with Dien May XANH!