5 safe and effective ways to increase milk, help to produce more milk, breasts do not sag

The worry of lack of milk for children is still a common thing for many young mothers. The following article partially solves this concern when guiding you to 5 safe and effective ways to increase milk, helping to produce more milk and not saggy breasts.


1 When and why is lactation necessary?

Milk stimulation is the application of many measures to stimulate the mother's body to produce more milk faster and more. Depending on the reason why the mother has no milk, little milk, or loss of milk to choose ways to stimulate milk. It can be the use of milk-friendly menus, breast massage, breast pumping, etc.

Khi nào cần kích sữa

Breast milk, meanwhile, is considered unimportant for the baby's development journey and also brings positive benefits to the mother. On the other hand, this is a safe source of food to help mothers save money.

When the mother does not provide enough milk for the baby every day or in the case of no milk after birth, the mother has to lose milk, she should apply methods of lactation to let more milk come in, better quality.

2 Is breast augmentation safe?

Breastfeeding is safe or not depends on the method that the mother chooses to perform. On the other hand, improper milk stimulation not only makes the mother not have milk for her baby but also affects the mother's body, so choose safe methods to do it.

Kích sữa có an toàn không

The following article will show these methods, learn how to safely increase milk.

3 Methods to help stimulate milk effectively

Massage the breasts after giving birth with warm water

Breast massage is not only a secret to stimulate breast milk to help increase milk volume, but also a great way to prevent breast cancer for mothers, and at the same time solve related problems such as blocked milk ducts, breast tumors, abscesses. breast due to long-term accumulation of fluid.

This method not only helps increase breast blood circulation but also reduces postpartum pain, unblocks milk ducts to help stimulate milk production.

Massage bầu sữa ngay sau khi sinh

How to do this: Use a soft towel dipped in warm water and then apply the towel to the breasts and gently massage in a clockwise circle. Massage the breasts twice a day and each time for at least 10 minutes, then drink a glass of warm water or warm milk.

Diet to increase milk production

The herbs are very benign, not only supplementing nutrients for women to recover after giving birth, but also stimulating the mother's milk production mechanism, making breast milk always abundant.

Consider using spices like ginger and garlic in your meals as this spice is great for stimulating breast milk production. However, these herbs should not be used too much, otherwise the milk will smell and will make the baby "reprimand" breast milk.

Eat carrots and sweet potatoes, not only a laxative food, but also a food containing beta-carotene and phytoestrogen (in carrots) necessary in the process of milk production and help stimulate breast milk more.

Ăn cà rốt giúp kích sữa

lactation cereals include finely ground roasted and fragrant beans that are not only a source of protein to help mothers recover but also help breast milk come in more, thicker and more fragrant.

Dandelion leaves, dandelion leaves, and cloves are also used to cook water for mothers after giving birth to increase lactation, an effective way to stimulate milk from nature.

Breastfeed your baby directly as soon as possible

Breastfeeding as early as possible is the best way to stimulate milk production. Breastfeed regularly about every 2 hours so that breast milk is not interrupted. Remember, giving priority to breastfeeding is the first thing you should do if you want to have abundant breast milk.

Cho con bú mẹ trực tiếp càng sớm càng tốt

If your baby has slept for more than 3 hours and hasn't woken up yet, you should wake him up. Every time a mother breastfeeds, a mother should skin-to-skin, because cuddling gestures with her baby also help the mother's brain direct the mother to stimulate reflexes and milk production mechanisms.

Use a breast pump or express milk by hand

Manual milking

Expressing breast milk is also one of the effective ways to stimulate more milk. In addition, this method also reduces discomfort for mothers due to engorgement or blocked milk ducts, and is inexpensive and simple.

Vắt sữa bằng tay

Follow the correct way to express milk by hand:

First, wash your hands and use a soft, clean towel to wipe over your breasts. You should sit (or stand) comfortably and keep the cup (bottle) close to your breast. Place your index finger below the breast, close to the areola; Your thumb is on the breast, opposite the index finger.

Each breast is divided into about 15 parts (milk glands), each with its own milk sac. If the areola is wide, you can place your fingers slightly back inside the areola. If the areola is narrow, you can place your fingers outward. The remaining fingers are placed below to support the chest.

Keeping your fingers in place on your chest, gently press your fingers back. Squeeze gently. You should be careful not to let your fingers slip on the skin. The first time expressing milk by hand, only a few drops of milk appeared.

Continue to hold the force, pressing backwards. Simultaneously, use the index finger and little finger at the same time to gently press forward, causing the milk to flow out of the milk bags, overflowing the nipple.

Loosen the pressure of the hand so that the milk glands are full and then repeat the action above. In case the milk does not flow, move your hand closer to the top or farther to find the best position, massage the breasts for a while and try again.

Note to avoid massaging or sliding fingers along the skin, avoid pressing on the nipple because pressing or pulling on the nipple causes milk to flow. Express for a minimum of 3-5 minutes on each breast until milk flow slows, then switch to the other side and then express again on both sides.

Using a breast pump

is one of the effective rescue devices in case of low milk, not enough milk for the baby to use every day. The mechanism of the breast pump is to create a force to stimulate the milk glands to work. After birth, because the volume of the baby's stomach is still small, the need to suckle is very little.

Sửa dụng máy hút sữa

Besides, when the milk comes in, if the baby doesn't finish it, you can use a breast pump to pump it out and store it in the fridge.

There are many types of breast pumps with different sizes and designs suitable for many women's breasts, when using, you need to make sure the tank and pump are always cleaned and sterilized before use.

4 Safety notes when stimulating milk

Psychology when stimulating milk

In order to successfully stimulate breast milk, mothers and babies need to be psychologically prepared to avoid stress and anxiety.

First, massage with a warm compress (using a clean towel dipped in warm water to cover the breast has the effect of making the milk come back very quickly, if you massage and warm the mother to be most comfortable, the milk will come back. fluttering in the breast and dripping rapidly and abundantly).

Tâm lý khi kích sữa

Turn on the breast pump, for the pump with massage, the machine will automatically massage, after 2 minutes switch to suction mode. When the mother sees that the milk does not come down anymore, she adjusts to the massage mode, then switches to suction again.

Each time, it takes about 10 minutes for the double machine (suctioning both sides at the same time), and 20 minutes for the single machine (changing 2 sides continuously). Do not smoke for more than 20 minutes because it is easy to cause nipple cracks and damage.

If there is still milk in the breast, express for another 5 minutes. While pumping, mothers can listen to music, watch movies and enjoy food, sip warm milk, play with their children or sit and talk and entertain themselves to keep their psychology at ease.

Notes before and after lactation

 Increase milk regularly every day. The mother's rest regime is reasonable (sleep for 8 hours/day).

– Mothers should always believe in themselves that they will provide enough milk to feed their children, don't let the situation of lactation make pessimism, mental depression.

– Not to fall into a state of stress and depression, creating a feeling of comfort and mental relaxation before and during milking.

Tâm lý khi kích sữa

– It is necessary to develop a diet, drink, and general tonic (providing iron, calcium and necessary vitamins) to ensure nutrition for the mother and provide a good source of milk for the baby.

– Drink enough water every day (2-3 liters), note that you should drink warm water to stimulate milk more effectively.

Above is an article on 5 ways to increase milk safely and effectively, helping to produce more milk, without sagging breasts. Hopefully from the above information, mothers can bring more milk and peace of mind to take care of their babies every day!