5 ways to prevent your glasses from fogging up when it rains

For those of you who are nearsighted, it is really dangerous if your glasses are blurred when you are in traffic. Here, Dien May GREEN tells you 5 ways to help your glasses stay transparent, let's find out.


1 Use dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is a housewife's companion, which can be easily found in every family's kitchen.

Just put a little dishwashing liquid on the lenses , rub them evenly , let them dry for 5-10 minutes, then wipe them clean and clear with a dry towel. You can confidently wear your glasses to the rain without worrying about blurred vision anymore.

Nước rửa chén giúp kính chống bám nước hiệu quả

2 Use toothpaste

Besides dishwashing liquid, the use of toothpaste is also one of the effective solutions that you should know. Just apply a little toothpaste on both lenses, rub well and rinse with clean water.

This solution not only provides anti-fog protection, but also helps to clear lenses and cover scratches .

Kem đánh răng là giải pháp tối ưu cho mắt kính không bị mờ khi đi mưa

3 Soap clumps

Surely you did not expect this special use of soap bars, right?

  • You boil a pot of water so that the glasses usually use floating mouths about 10-15 cm, catch the steam rising until the steam is full on the glass.
  • You take 1 bath soap and rub it all over the glass for 30-40 seconds.
  • Then use a soft, damp cloth to wipe it several times until there are no soap bubbles remaining on the glass.

Tất cả các loại xà bông cục đều được dùng để chống nước cho kính

4 Specialized water for cleaning glasses

Specialized eyeglass cleaner with main ingredients including Lsopropyl Alcohol and Sodium Luaryl, makes cleaning glasses easier . No need to go through many complicated steps. Therefore, Specialized glass cleaning water is always the optimal choice.

Nước lau kính giúp kính giữ được độ sáng bóng, ngăn bám nước

5 Use a special cloth to clean your glasses

You have a habit of wiping your glasses with a shirt, a paper towel, … but not just clean the water, leaving paper dust, clothes dust … clinging to the surface of the glass, and also making the lenses scratched.

It is best to use a specialized towel that is often included with the purchase of glasses, which has the effect of limiting scratches , increasing smooth gloss , and less water absorption . At the same time, with its compact size, it can be put in a glasses case, so it is convenient to carry around.

However, specialized towels often bring low efficiency.

Khăn chuyên dụng giúp kính không bị trầy xước

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With the tips that Dien May XANH shares, hope to help you remove your worries about the condition of your glasses when it rains. But you should also note that, after a period of using glasses, if the effect decreases, you can reapply one of the above methods.