7 Effective Ways to Clean and Disinfect Your Home and Household Items to Limit the Spread of the Coronavirus

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, it is essential to maintain cleanliness in our homes and sanitize our belongings. Here are 7 ways to clean and disinfect your house and items with XANH Electrical Appliances.


Below are 7 ways to clean your house and belongings to prevent the spread of the Corona virus that we will suggest to you.

1 Clean the floor

The floor is often in contact with shoes, slippers – objects that are easily infected with bacteria and viruses. To prevent the risk of virus invasion into your beloved home, you need to clean the floor regularly thoroughly.

To eliminate bacteria and viruses thoroughly, you can use specialized cleaning agents such as 3% Hydro Peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), Vim, Cif,… Among them, 3% Hydro Peroxide can inhibit the activity of the virus in 8 minutes.

Clean the floor

Note when cleaning the floor, wait for the solution to have time to treat the virus and bacteria for 10-15 minutes. Then, you can scrub it with clean water. Don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves when cleaning the floor and always ensure that the surface is clean!


2 Clean personal belongings

Personal belongings such as toothbrush, water cups, eyeglasses, face towels,… are the objects that we often come into contact with the most and unfortunately if they are infected with viruses and bacteria, we will be at risk. Therefore, you should diligently clean your personal belongings daily!

Clean personal belongings

You can clean your personal belongings with specialized cleaning agents or soap and water, the choice of cleaning agents depends on the nature of each type of personal belongings. Please read the product labels carefully before using.

3 Clean fabric items

Fabric items in the house such as sofas, carpets, blankets, pillows,… are in direct contact with us, so don’t forget to clean them to prevent bacteria and viruses from clinging to them.

Clean fabric items

You can vacuum, clean the sofa surface every day to keep it clean. For carpets, blankets, pillows,… you should wash them thoroughly with soap and cleaning agents. Note that when using, you should use the function of washing at the highest suitable temperature and dry them completely.

4 Wash and disinfect clothes

Similarly, with clothes – the most frequently touched objects in public places and have the highest risk of being infected with bacteria and viruses, you should change clothes and wash them after coming back from the outside to ensure that the virus is completely eliminated.

When using the washing machine, don’t forget to use the highest suitable temperature and fully dry them. In addition, after contact with dirty items, you should wash your hands with soap immediately. Meanwhile, the tray or basket for clothes should also be cleaned daily!

Wash and disinfect clothes

5 Clean household electronic devices

Cleaning household electronic devices is also one of the important tasks to limit the spread of the Corona virus. Amongst them are those that people often use their hands to touch and have the risk of being infected with bacteria and viruses.

Clean household electronic devices

To clean these objects, you can use a disinfecting alcohol solution by mixing a combination of 40% alcohol and 60% water, then wipe gently with a cloth on the surfaces of the electronic devices in the house.

6 Clean utensils and food packaging

To ensure safety for you and your family, cleaning utensils and food packaging is extremely necessary. Because we cannot eliminate the possibility that we may touch bacteria, viruses on the utensils, inadvertently bring our hands to our faces, and be at risk of virus infection.

Firstly, you should get rid of unnecessary packaging, use a disinfectant to clean packaged food such as cans, boxes,… For dishes, plates, cutting boards,… in the house, make sure that they are always clean and not used interchangeably when cooking meat, fish, and vegetables.

Clean utensils and food packaging

Always remember to wash your hands with soap before processing food and cooking to the recommended temperature. In addition, remind family members to wash their hands before eating and follow the 5K principles of the Ministry of Health!

7 Clean up, handle unused items

We often have the habit of keeping old items that we don’t know what to use them for. This will inadvertently make the space in the house narrower, no longer feeling spacious.

Therefore, clean up, handle unused items to make the house more spacious and clean. This also avoids creating damp or moldy areas or environments that produce harmful bacteria for our health.

Clean up, handle unused items

A good way to handle old items is to recycle them into something new and more useful. You can refer to the article for more interesting ideas!

Source: Ministry of Healthcdc.gov.vnunicef.orgvncdc.gov.vn


So, we have suggested to you 7 ways to clean your house and belongings to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Take care of your health and protect yourself and your loved ones in your family!

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