7 Items You Shouldn’t Buy at the Supermarket, Even on Sale

Be careful, these 7 items in the supermarket are not as good quality as you think.


When you go to the supermarket, you are likely to be attracted to discounted items. You may feel that you have saved a lot of money by buying these products. However, supermarket staff reveal that not all discounted items are worth buying.

Pre-cut fruit in the supermarket

Supermarkets often display a variety of fresh fruits, including pre-cut fruits. They are cut into small pieces, arranged in trays, and tightly packaged. Overall, they look fresh and appealing. You can buy them and enjoy them immediately. The price of these fruits is also reasonable. However, behind the attractive appearance, their quality is not as good as you think.

In reality, the pre-cut portion of the fruit may be the remaining part of damaged or bruised fruits.

If left intact, no one would choose to buy them. Instead, people will cut off the damaged part and only choose intact pieces, arrange them in trays, and display them on shelves. Although pre-cut fruits may look fresh and convenient, their taste has significantly decreased.

Discounted milk

Supermarkets often have discount programs or promotions such as buy 1 get 1 free for milk products. However, you should not be too eager to save money and buy too much of these products. Most discounted milk products are close to expiration.

If you are confident that you can use up the milk within the expiration period, you can buy a small amount, but it is not advisable to hoard too much.

Off-season produce

Off-season produce tends to be more expensive, and this is clear to housewives. Unless it is really necessary, you should limit buying these items at the supermarket.

Using seasonal produce is a smart way to have delicious, economical, and safe meals for your family.

Discounted frozen seafood

Seafood is a food loved by many people. When you see discounted seafood, you may be tempted to buy them to enjoy.

However, it is important to note that discounted seafood may have been stored for too long, and the meat may no longer be fresh. When cooked, the taste of seafood will no longer be fresh, and the nutritional value will also decrease.

Pre-packaged ground meat

Pre-packaged ground meat is a convenient food that many housewives will buy. It saves the trouble of mincing or grinding at home and can be used to make various delicious dishes.

The trays of ground meat may look attractive, but you do not know what kind of meat they are made of and whether they are fresh. Ground meat is likely made from leftover pieces of meat, fat, and unsold meat that has been stored for a long time.

Various sauces

Convenient sauces such as marinade sauce or salad dressing sold in supermarkets are indeed convenient, but they also have many drawbacks.

You should make the sauces at home, which will reduce costs and be much safer for your health as your homemade sauces do not contain preservatives.

Things you can buy at traditional markets

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