A simple and effective way to prevent moisture in the house in the wet season

The rainy season makes the house and all furniture become wet as well as disturbing your family life. If you still haven't found a simple and effective way to prevent moisture in your home during the wet season, let's learn the following tips with Dien May Xanh!


1 What is the wet season? Signs of the rainy season

What is the wet season?

Rainy weather is a typical weather phenomenon of the Northeast region, occurring when the air humidity is as high as 90%. causes water vapor in the air to condense and condense on the surface of objects. The wet season usually appears around February – April (near the end of spring) and is quite common in the northern region of Vietnam.

Signs of the rainy season

The most visible signs when the rainy season appears is on the floor, wall, mirror all become wet, clothes take a long time to dry , blankets wet and always smells bad , electronics easily broken, moldy fast food.

Some pictures of the rainy season:

một số hình ảnh về mùa nồm

một số hình ảnh về mùa nồm

2 Causes of the phenomenon of swelling

To have an effective way to prevent moisture in your home in the wet season, you need to find out some of the causes of the phenomenon as follows:

  • The temperature of the floor, the floor is lower than the outside temperature, the air temperature. Especially when the air has a lot of water vapor, it can easily lead to moisture in the house.
  • Due to the cold, dry weather lasting for a long time, the floor temperature is lowered.
  • Effect of The wind is strong, because the wind carries moisture from the sea to the land. Therefore, this air has a high relative humidity, while the temperature of the floor is low, it has not been adapted to the air temperature in time.

Nhiệt độ của sàn nhà, nền nhà thấp hơn so với nhiệt độ bên ngoài môi trường

3 Effects of hot weather

Affect health

  • Rainy weather will cause the floor to stagnate, which is easy to fall and lead to injury for the elderly and children.
  • The hot weather will make the pores clogged, making the excretory process of the body no longer effective. This will cause discomfort to the body, leading to fatigue and pain.
  • High humidity also directly affects the lining of the bronchi, exacerbating chronic respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or bronchial asthma.
  • The proliferation of bacteria and molds also leads to skin diseases such as chickenpox or scarlet fever.
  • This weather also makes women very uncomfortable gynaecological disease.

Màu nồm dễ dẫn đến bệnh về đường hô hấp mãn tính

Affects electronics

Wet weather, high air humidity often causes The condition of mold, rust on metal parts, or damage to the microchips, can cause electric shock, fire with electronic devices in the home.

Ảnh hưởng đến đồ điện tử

Effect on furniture

The wet weather is also an opportunity for bacteria, mold, flies, mosquitoes, and insects grow, causing harm to many industries, especially in construction as well as interior decoration.

Mùa nồm nh hưởng đến đồ nội thất

4 Ways to prevent moisture in the house in the rainy season

We can use products and equipment to help prevent moisture or apply good tips to help prevent moisture in the house during the rainy season.

Use products and support equipment to help prevent moisture in the house during the rainy season

+ Turn on the air conditioner in Dry mode

To ensure the health of family members, especially with children, you can use 2-way and turn on Dry mode. This is an effective way to combat moisture in your home.

Dùng điều hòa ở chế độ dry

+ Use hygroscopic materials

The easiest thing is to prepare boxes, desiccant bags and place in rooms, under chairs and other humid places to support dehumidification in your home. Specifically, in the desiccant particles, there is a silica gel that has a supporting effect dry the surface products, absorb water to preserve the products Leather or electrical goods should not be moldy or damaged by the accumulation of water vapor.

Bạn sử dụng hút ẩm có gel silica

+ Use a dehumidifier

In the wet season, the way to use it is one of the simple and effective ways to prevent humidity in the house in the wet season. At the same time, the dehumidifier also brings fresh air, removes mold in a short time, keeps the storage space dry, comfortable and effectively filters the air.

If your home has children and the elderly, a dehumidifier is a great choice for your whole family in the wet season. The machine is not only capable of quickly dehumidifying but also safe, non-toxic and protects user health.

Máy hút ẩm còn mang đến bầu không khí trong lành, hạn chế ẩm mốc

+ Use a clothes dryer

If possible, you should buy one for your family or . These devices help dry clothes quickly, efficiently, without causing moisture and discomfort. This will definitely be a good helper for your family in wet season and also rainy season.

Dùng máy sấy quần áo vào mùa nồm

Apply good tips to help prevent moisture in the house in the rainy season

+ Quicklime helps keep the house dry

One of the best tips to help prevent moisture in the wet season is to use quicklime. You go to the store to buy about 10-15 kg of quicklime, then put it in paper or wooden crates. Then you place the bins in the corners of the house such as rooms, beds, cabinets, tables, walls, chairs, etc.

When the wet weather pulls in, you just need to open the lid of the box where you have arranged it. At this time, quicklime will help you absorb moisture effectively. If you have small children at home, you need to be careful when doing this tip.

Một trong những mẹo hay giúp chống ẩm vào mùa nồm là sử dụng vôi sống

+ Leave electronics on standby

In order to limit the damage of electronic devices such as , disc player, etc., please turn them on in standby mode. The way to keep electronics in standby mode helps limit the influence of steam on the device and does not damage the device in the wet season.

Vào mùa nồm bạn hãy để đồ điện tử ở chế độ chờ

+ Anti-mold and disinfecting utensils with hot water

In the hot season, household items such as bamboo, … made from bamboo are easy to mold and generate many bacteria harmful to health. To effectively prevent mold and disinfect your utensils, wash them with hot water and dry them after use. If you have a few dishwashers at home, don't forget to use them.

Chống mốc và khử khuẩn cho đồ dùng bằng cách dùng nước nóng

+ Use essential oils

The wet season can easily make your home moldy and cause unpleasant odors. Use aromatic essential oils at the base of your home or in your room to reduce and avoid odors created by hot weather.

You should use essential oils with pleasant aromas such as lemon, lemongrass, mint, lavender, … both to help you smell better and to help you relax and reduce stress effectively. If you have one at home, don't forget to use it to spread the essential oils more effectively in the air.

Nếu nhà bạn có máy xông tinh dầu thì đừng quên sử dụng

+ Wipe the house with a dry rag

The rain makes the floor extremely wet so you have to wipe it over and over again. But instead of wiping with hot water, use a dry mop to clean the floor, this helps you quickly remove standing water on the floor.

Trời nồm làm sàn nhà vô cùng ẩm ướt, bạn nên lau nhà bằng giẻ khô

+ Light a candle in the room

Candles can ignite the molecules that cause musty, unpleasant odors in your home because when burning the candle, the odor molecules affected will rise to create a pressure that causes other molecules to move closer to the top of the candle. candle. This process will allow the air to circulate more freely.

Đốt nến trong phòng để tuần hoàn không khí

+ Seal the gaps in the house

In addition to the above methods, you can also seal the gaps in your home by closing the door or sealing the gaps with Newspapers, foam tape are available at supermarkets or stores. This will do limit to the lowest level the ingress of moist air into your home.

Bịt kín các kẻ hở trong nhà

5 ways to fight "anti-science" to avoid

Wipe the floor with water

Many families think that wiping the floor with water will make the floor cleaner, but that is completely wrong. Cleaning the house with water makes The floor is more slippery and the water that remains after cleaning will cause the indoor space is wetter.

Lau sàn nhà với nước

Turn on the drying fan

Turning on a fan to dry does not have the comfort effect of making your family comfortable during the rainy season as you think because it makes the air more humid because the cold wind is blown out. This will cause more water vapor in the house to condense.

Bật quạt hong khô không hề có tác dụng làm dễ chịu cho gia đình bạn

Open the window

You want to open the window to dry the damp floor, but this is completely wrong. As mentioned, in the rainy season, the outside air in the environment With high humidity, if you open the door, it will create more opportunities for moist air to enter the house.

Bạn không nên mở cửa sổ vào mùa nồm

Unplug electronics constantly

Many people have a habit of unplugging electronic devices immediately after use for fear that they are easily damaged in the rainy season due to the impact of humid air. However, this is a misconception because Constantly unplugging electronics will affect the life of the device.

Instead of constantly unplugging electrons, turn devices into standby mode to limit the moisture of devices such as , , disc player, …

Rút phích cắm đồ điện tử liên tục sẽ gây ảnh hưởng đến tuổi thọ của thiết bị

Hopefully the article can give you useful information and appropriate options to protect your family from the harshness of the rainy season.