Alpha Lipid Lifeline: Optimal Health Nutrition at Your Fingertips

Alpha Lipid Lifeline is a line of functional powdered milk, created to provide essential nutrition for optimal health. It clearly demonstrates its purpose by boosting immunity, resilience, and caring for cells and organs to ensure a healthier and more comprehensive development every day.


Product Information

  • Full name: Alpha Lipid Lifeline.
  • Origin: New Zealand.
  • Manufactured by: New Image Corporation.
  • Brand: New Image.
  • Packaging: 450g jar.
  • Form: Powder.
  • Production date and expiration date: clearly printed at the bottom of the can.

What is Alpha Lipid Lifeline?

Alpha Lipid Lifeline is considered the perfect combination of colostrum and the exclusive Alpha Lipid technology by New Image. Colostrum, also known as first milk or liquid gold, is produced in the late stages of pregnancy and up to 72 hours after birth by all mammals, providing a highly nutritious source superior to regular milk. The technology developed by New Image allows users to receive all the benefits of colostrum, making it truly exceptional.

With Alpha Lipid technology, the colostrum particles are coated with Phospholipids to protect the nutrients from being degraded by stomach acid. This stabilizes all the biological activities and enhances absorption into the human body, achieving a 90-98% absorption rate. Users worldwide can now experience the full benefits of colostrum.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline not only offers great effectiveness but also ensures safety and gentleness through its high-quality ingredients sourced from New Zealand and a standardized production process. It meets low criteria (low protein, low sugar, low fat, and lactose-free) and high criteria (immune-boosting factors, calcium, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals). Everyone desires to receive such essential nutrients, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

The Alpha Lipid products have gained the trust of consumers worldwide.

Ingredients and Benefits of Alpha Lipid Lifeline

The ingredients of the product consist of colostrum from New Zealand cows along with other related substances. It contains valuable nutrients such as colostrum powder, immune-boosting factors, probiotics, vitamins, minerals (Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E, Folic Acid, Biotin, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium), and phospholipid emulsion.

With these nutrients, the product effectively provides essential nutrition, making up for any deficiencies in the daily diet and potentially replacing light meals. It supports overall health, strengthens the immune system, and enhances the functionality of various organs in the body.

Instructions for Using Alpha Lipid Lifeline

  • Add 1.5 scoops of powder (about 16g) to 150ml of warm water (around 30°C) and shake well.
  • Tightly close the lid and shake vertically from 30 to 50 times.
  • Once the mixture is fully dissolved and creamy, it is ready to be consumed.
  • Consume immediately and avoid leaving it for too long.
  • Take 1-2 times a day, 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals, especially in the morning.

Reputable Distributor of Alpha Lipid Lifeline in Vietnam – Thanh Huong Shop

If you have thoroughly researched and found that Alpha Lipid Lifeline suits your needs but are unsure of where to buy it from a reputable and genuine source, you can consider Thanh Huong Shop. They have been a trusted distributor of Alpha Lipid Lifeline for many years, providing labeled products and complete invoices, ensuring clear origins. You can contact Thanh Huong Shop through:


Hotline: 0902.589.758

Headquarters: 1329/1A Phan Van Tri, Ward 10, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.

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