Beware of Pairing Honey with These Harmful Foods

Honey is the essence of nature's finest food, but when combined with the following foods, it can be detrimental to health.


Honey is a nutritious food because it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, when using honey, it should not be combined with the following foods:

Honey and raw onions, garlic

Honey and onions, garlic should not be used together because onions and garlic are hot and pungent, while honey is sweet and hot. When combining honey with onions and garlic, it can cause discomfort and bloating. In this case, if you accidentally get poisoned, boil licorice water to drink for detoxification.

Honey should not be drunk with soybeans

Soybeans and honey are both common and regularly consumed foods. However, mixing honey and soybeans together can cause stomach discomfort, constipation, and even death. When consumed at the same time, there may be reactions between enzymes, minerals, and plant proteins in honey and soybeans, causing poisoning and diarrhea as they solidify and become difficult to digest.

In such cases, induce vomiting to expel the toxins. If the condition is severe, seek medical attention.

Onions should not be eaten with honey

Honey is incompatible with onions. If eaten together, the organic acids and enzymes in honey will react with the sulfur-containing amino acids in onions, producing harmful chemical reactions or toxic substances that stimulate the stomach, causing diarrhea or poisoning.

Honey and tofu

Tofu is mainly made from soybeans, so combining honey with tofu is similar to honey and soybeans. Tofu is sweet and cold, can clear heat and disperse blood stasis. However, if consumed with honey, it can cause diarrhea because the enzymes in honey and the minerals, plant proteins, etc. in tofu will react biochemically and have no beneficial effects.

Tofu should not be cooked with honey

Both tofu and honey are very good for health, but they cannot be combined because tofu is also made from soybeans. When using honey with tofu, the minerals, plant proteins, organic acids in tofu, when combined with enzymes in honey, will undergo biochemical reactions that are not good for the body.

Honey and carp

Carp is nutritious and so is honey, but combining carp with honey is not recommended, as it can cause poisoning. In this case, you can use black beans, licorice to detoxify.

Do not eat lettuce with honey

Eating lettuce with honey can cause liver damage, so they should not be eaten together.

The above information is based on folk experience, so you need to be aware that not all combinations can cause harmful reactions. However, it is best to avoid consuming them in large quantities at the same time.

When using honey, also note to avoid buying honey made from sugar as it is not good for health, it raises blood sugar levels quickly, increases weight, and causes aging.

Honey is good but it is hot, so people with a hot body, hot feet, hot hands, or hot head, mouth heat, belching, sour belching should not use it, or if used, only use a small amount of 1-2 teaspoons per day, for 2-3 days when necessary. Using too much honey can cause restlessness, discomfort, chest tightness, and insomnia for these individuals.

Honey should not be refrigerated as it will crystallize. Honey left for a long time will darken compared to fresh honey.

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