Collection of 10 touching words about a good and meaningful father

The father is the one who uses his broad shoulders to protect the young children. He may never say he loves us, but every action of his father proves how much he cares for us. Let's feel that love through 10 touching and meaningful stories about your father that Dien May XANH has collected!


1 Back shadow

In my memory, I still have the image of when my father took me to school. The road from my house to school was quite steep, my father had to bend his back to pedal, sweat drenched his back, and his legs were shaking, but he refused to let me go down, but pedaled through. After 9 years, that back shadow is getting smaller and smaller in my eyes, but still solid, still blocking all the storms and storms for me.

Bóng lưng

2 Father’s Teachings

When the daughter got married, the father pulled her to his side and said to her, “Daughter, you must respect your husband. You may even worship him. But you must remember one thing. , disagreements, arguments between the two of you, don’t tell me. Because in the end you will forgive him, and father will not…”

Lời cha dạy

3 Call at 3 am

I couldn’t sleep at 3 am, picked up the phone, and unexpectedly dialed my father’s number, I immediately hung up. Unexpectedly, my father called back immediately, asked me what was wrong, and quarreled with my husband, I said I was fine, and my father: “It’s okay, it’s fine, I’m too sleepy, you hang up first.” After hanging up the phone, I hugged my pillow and cried. Perhaps in this world, my father is the only person that I just hung up and immediately called me, even though it was so late.

Cuộc gọi lúc 3 giờ sáng

4 Things Dad Never Said

My father is a serious person, and he and I hardly ever talk to each other. I still felt that my father did not love me, until one day I heard my mother say: “Your father’s eyes turned red and he complained to the neighbor that you came home from school for two days off without talking to your father. Not even calling my father a word.”

Điều bố chưa bao giờ nói

5 Spanking

When I was a child, I was very naughty, so my father often beat me. But I still remember, every night, when I fell asleep dreamily, I would faintly see the set gently lying next to the bed rubbing oil for me. I also lay quietly on the bed for my father to apply it like that, and then admitted the mistake in my heart.

bố yêu con theo cách của riêng mình

6 Move items

Once my family had to move things from upstairs, my father said: “This is very heavy, you can’t carry it, let your father carry it, you can carry the lighter ones”. At that time, I was 20 years old, my father was 49 years old. It turns out that no matter how old we are, in the eyes of our parents, we are forever a child.

Chuyển đồ

7 Daddy’s Hands

The most haunting is his father’s rough and cracked hands, and then his skin is dark because of the sun. All for the sake of earning money to raise children. I have never said I love you, but in my heart, you are always the most wonderful person that no one can replace.

Đôi bàn tay của bố

8 Car fall

One day in middle school, my father drove me by motorbike. Near the school, a farmer backed into the car, and father and son fell, I was fine, but my father’s shirt was scratched and had a hole in it. But my dad smiled and asked me if I was okay, then drove me to school on time. Now that I think about it, I feel both sad and warm at the same time.

Ngã xe

9 Going to work

I still remember when I just finished college, I couldn’t find a job, worked as a cashier outside my uncle’s hotel. It was winter at 6 o’clock, so it was still dark and it was raining heavily, she wore thick glasses and got up to go to work but at that time she didn’t even know how to ride a motorbike. After brushing his teeth, washing his face, and getting ready to go to work, he saw his father in a raincoat waiting at the door and told him to get in his car to take him to work.

Cha là bóng mát giữa trời. Cha là điểm tựa bên đời của con.

10 Dumplings

My father has Alzheimer’s disease, his memory is getting worse and worse, even his son does not recognize it. One day I took him to a restaurant, and there were two dumplings left on the plate, and my father took them and put them in his pocket. I was very surprised. Then Dad said, “These two are for my son, he likes to eat this one best.” As time goes by, parents will eventually get old and fall ill. Sometimes, even though they don’t remember or forget everything, their love for their children is always permanent.

Bánh bao

(*Reference source: cafe biz)

Above is a compilation of 10 best, touching, and meaningful short stories about your father, which hopefully can evoke good memories about your father and help you love your father more!