Craving for this vegetable? Beware, it could be a sign of cancer. Get tested now.

According to scientific information, when the body signals a strong craving for a certain type of food, it may be due to a deficiency in the body caused by some underlying medical condition.


Craving is the body’s mechanism that alerts us to a problem. Craving a particular food can be a sign of an underlying illness that requires the intake of specific nutrients found in that food.

Craving watercress, beware of breast cancer

There have been cases where patients have had an intense craving for watercress, more than just a normal appetite, and upon examination, it was discovered that they had breast cancer. Why does breast cancer cause a craving for watercress?

Breast cancer causes a deficiency of Sulforaphane which is abundant in watercress. Therefore, the body sends signals to consume more watercress to replenish the missing nutrients. So if you have an intense craving for watercress, be careful to monitor if you have any abnormal symptoms and seek medical attention. If you experience chest pain or notice any unusual color or shape changes, don’t take it lightly.


Craving sweets may indicate diabetes

If you have an excessive craving for foods rich in starch and sugar, such as cakes, pastries, cookies, rice… think about whether you have other symptoms of diabetes. Diabetic patients lack insulin, which regulates blood sugar, so they crave sweet foods. You may also experience increased thirst, frequent urination, unusual urine color, slow healing of cuts, and unexplained weight gain… so you should be suspicious.

Craving salt may indicate kidney failure

If you suddenly find yourself craving a sprinkle of salt on everything, even when you haven’t eaten anything, and have a dry mouth, be cautious. Kidney failure (also known as Addison’s disease) occurs when the adrenal glands decrease the secretion of hormones (glucocorticoid, aldosterone, androgen). Normally, the adrenal glands secrete aldosterone to retain sodium (a source obtained from salt) to maintain bodily functions. But when the adrenal glands weaken, the body lacks sodium and craves salt. If you also experience irregular menstruation, fatigue, indifference, stress, or unexplained weight loss, you should seek medical attention because the risk at this point is very high.


Craving sour foods may indicate a weakened immune system

If you are not pregnant and have a craving for sour foods, it may be due to a lack of vitamin C and a weakened immune system. Vitamin C is related to the body’s immune response. Sour fruits contain a large amount of acid and vitamin C, so when the immune system is compromised, they send signals to stimulate the intake of these substances. If you feel tired and have been ill recently, pay attention to improving your immune system through a healthy diet, proper rest, and exercise.

Craving red foods and ice may indicate anemia

When you have anemia, you may have a loss of appetite and a distaste for food. Anemia is often caused by iron deficiency, so the body sends signals to consume foods rich in iron and red foods. When lacking iron, you may also crave ice and not be afraid of cold. Chewing ice provides a numbing sensation and relieves discomfort, which is why you crave it. If you experience pale skin or dizziness, it is advisable to get checked.


Craving milk may indicate a vitamin deficiency

When you lack vitamins, the body stimulates the intake of foods high in these nutrients. Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals. Reevaluate your diet, as you may be deficient in certain nutrients.

Craving everything may indicate Bulimia

Uncontrolled cravings for food can be a sign of Bulimia. In this case, individuals almost do not enjoy eating but still eat excessively, leading to obesity. You should see a psychologist as you may have experienced some trauma that affects the serotonergic neurotransmitter system, causing eating behavior disorders. Life experiences can also affect your personality or make you impulsive… So if you suddenly find yourself eating excessively, or if someone looks at you in astonishment and disdainfully about your eating habits, combined with weight gain and a sense of despair, it’s best to seek a psychologist.

Craving non-food items may indicate Pica

If you are not pregnant and eat anything, even non-food items like soil, bricks…, and still crave more, you may have symptoms of Pica. If it’s not out of curiosity, those who suddenly develop a “addiction” to eating non-food items may be severely deficient in zinc or have recently experienced brain trauma. Zinc affects taste perception, so when it is lacking, people have abnormal cravings. If you or a loved one suddenly have unusual eating preferences, it is best to get checked to treat nutritional deficiencies and examine brain function.

The above information is for reference only. To determine specific health conditions, medical examination is required. Craving a particular food does not necessarily indicate a certain disease, but it is a sign that you can use as a reference for early prevention and proactive medical examinations. Combined with other characteristic symptoms of a disease, you should seek medical attention early to eliminate the risk.

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