Delicious and Nutritious Carp, but Not Suitable for These 4 Groups of People

Carp is a nutritious food that is good for health, but not everyone should eat it.


Nutritional Value of Carp Fish

Carp fish is a familiar food for Vietnamese people, which is processed into various delicious dishes. Carp fish has high nutritional value and is good for health.

This type of fish is rich in protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin E, K… Specifically, the protein in carp fish is easier to digest than the protein in other meats. Carp fish dishes are beneficial for digestion and help strengthen the body, slowing down the aging process.

Carp fish can be processed into various delicious dishes.

People who should not eat carp fish

Although carp fish has high nutritional value, not everyone should eat this type of food.

– People with Gout

100 grams of carp fish can provide up to 137.1mg of purine. High purine content will increase the symptoms of gout. People in the early stages of gout should limit purine intake to less than 150mg per day or lower.

– People with liver and kidney disease

Carp fish is a food that contains a lot of protein. However, people with liver disease need to reduce protein intake and control the amount of protein taken into the body each day. Therefore, if you have liver disease, you should limit the consumption of protein-rich foods such as carp fish.

People with kidney disease (such as kidney stones) should also avoid eating carp fish. The reason is that this food contains a high amount of uric acid. High uric acid levels in the body can increase the risk of stone formation and make the disease more serious.

– People with bleeding disorders

The eicosapentaenoic acid in carp fish can inhibit platelet aggregation, fight against blood clots, and other bleeding-related symptoms. Therefore, when experiencing bleeding disorders, patients should avoid eating carp fish.

– People allergic to fish

People who are allergic to carp fish should not consume dishes made from this food as it can lead to dangerous complications.

Foods that should not be combined with carp fish

When eating carp fish, you should avoid combining it with the following foods to prevent adverse effects on health.

– Carp fish with chicken

Carp fish and chicken are both foods with high nutritional value, good for health. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, chicken has a warm nature, while carp fish has a cold nature. These two foods have contrasting properties and when combined, they can cause acne.

– Carp fish with shrimp

Fish and shrimp are foods with a cooling nature. When combined together, people with sensitive constitutions may experience numbness and itching.

– Carp fish and perilla leaves

Perilla leaves have a spicy taste and have a blood-thinning effect. On the other hand, carp fish is a warm-natured food that nourishes the blood. Combining these two foods can lead to discomfort and itching for the person consuming them.

Frequently asked questions

Carp fish is beneficial for health due to its high nutritional value. The protein in carp fish is easily digestible and helps with digestion. It also contains vitamins and minerals that can strengthen the body and slow down the aging process.

  • People with Gout: Carp fish contains high levels of purines which can exacerbate gout symptoms. Limiting purine intake is advised for gout patients.
  • Individuals with liver and kidney disease: As carp fish is rich in protein, those with liver disease should limit consumption to reduce protein intake. Similarly, kidney disease patients, especially those with kidney stones, should avoid carp fish due to its high uric acid content, which can increase the risk of stone formation.
  • People with bleeding disorders: The eicosapentaenoic acid in carp fish can inhibit platelet aggregation and affect bleeding-related symptoms.
  • Individuals allergic to fish: Allergic reactions can lead to dangerous complications, so those allergic to carp fish or fish in general should refrain from consuming it.

  • Chicken: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, chicken has a warm nature, while carp fish has a cold nature. Combining these two foods is believed to cause acne due to their contrasting properties.
  • Shrimp: Both carp fish and shrimp have a cooling nature, and when consumed together, they may cause numbness and itching in individuals with sensitive constitutions.
  • Perilla leaves: The spicy taste and blood-thinning effect of perilla leaves can cause discomfort and itching when combined with carp fish, which is a warm-natured food that nourishes the blood.
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